Someone Else

For Sadie McKinley (18) , She Thought She Was just Going To A Magcon Event . She Didn't Know She Would Fall In Love With The One And Only Carter Reynolds (; But What Will Happen When Sadie Goes On Tour With Him And Falls For Matt Espinosa


4. At Carter's Hotel💕

I knocked on the door and heard footsteps. Carter opened the door and smiled. I walked into the messy room. I saw Matt scrolling through Twitter. "Matt! This is.. Umm.. What's your name?" Carter asked me. "Sadie(:" I said shyly. "This is Sadie. She is gonna stay with us tonight." Carter said. Matt said okay. Carter and I started talking. He leaned in to kiss me and I let him. "GET A ROOM!" Matt yelled. But we didn't listen. Carter throws me on the bed. I gasp for air. He takes my Hollister sweatshirt off along with my leggings. I take his shirt and SnapBack off. I run my fingers along his abs. Unzipping his pants revealing his American Eagle boxers. He kisses my neck and puts his hands around my waist. He quickly realizes what he's doing and stops. "Uhh. I'm so sorry!" He says handing you your clothes. "It's okay. I liked it." I said with a smile. He laughs and says okay. "It's getting late. Can I just crash here with you?" I ask him. "Sure(;" Matt says. "As long as I can get some." He says. Carter tells him to shut up and hands me some basketball shorts and a Magcon hoodie. I put it on not worrying about if Matt or Carter saw me.

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