Second Chances

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: ~Sequel to Taken~ Katie's back, and in her opinion, better than ever. Now, after escaping from One Direction, who previously kidnapped her merely to 'protect' her, she is living with a new friend, Emma Harmon. Emma and her boyfriend, Daniel Boardman, had helped Katie escape, and get her back on her feet. Now, Katie has new challenges to face, but they are definitely not what she was expected. Though she tries to be defiant and strong-willed, will her past finally get to her? All she's trying to do is live in the present, but how is that possible when her past keeps knocking on her door? (It's recommended to read Taken first, because this story continues from it.)


6. Time Flies

Harry's P.O.V:

  Well, that sure was interesting. To say in the least though, she has a lovely voice. I want to say I'm surprised she's not already famous for it, but then I recall her past and understand why. 
  I'd be lying if I said it didn't surprise me and the other lads that she walked into that room today. I'm sure we made that quite obvious for her, but what can I say? We thought we'd never seen her again. I could tell she was nervous and wary around us, and I desperately wish that she wasn't, but we did cause it, so it's our fault entirely. To say her friend being there made it even more awkward would be an understatement. The one thing we wanted to do was apologise, but we figured she wouldn't even listen to us while her friend was there. 
  I've seen Emma around before; she's Simon's favourite model. Not because he's a pervert or anything, but because she's been working for him the longest. She was his first signed model, when he decided to stray into the modelling agency along with music. She's nice, though I've never actually talked to her, and she's is quite fit. I don't see her that way, but she is a model, and I'm a guy... It's not like I'm not allowed to at least look, right? 
  But my opinion is that Katie's better, because, and the lads all agree with this, a model can be too intimidating sometimes. You learn to love the little imperfections that make someone who they are, and you can't exactly do that with someone who appears physically perfect. I'm not saying that models don't have imperfections or loveable things, but I feel like I'm not someone who can be with someone physically perfect...
  It's not like I'd have much of a chance with her, but if she ever found it in herself to forgive us, then I would make the most of it. I know, especially after seeing her today and singing with her, that I love her. It's more than me fancying her, I think I really love her. I feel around her unlike I have with any other girl, and that surprises me because there were times before when I thought I'd found love, but if course, it ended, mainly because they only liked me for who they thought I was, the famous boy-bander, and not be real Harry Styles, who still calls his mum whenever he gets the chance. No one has ever taken the time to get to know me, and I guess I'm just a little baffled, as I've never felt this way before. 
  This feels true, it feels right, and it feels pure. I've always heard of people talk about love like this, but I've never experienced it before. It breaks my heart knowing that I actually did something to hurt the one I love, and there really is no excuse for what we did, myself and the other lads. 
  "Harry, mate, are you even paying attention?" Liam's playfully irritated voice conjures me from my thoughts.
  "Sorry, what?" I ask in confusion, as I wasn't paying attention, too caught up in my thoughts to realise their conversation included me.
  Liam rolls his eyes, earning light snickers from the other lads as he has to re-explain it to me.
  "I just asked if you thought we should text Katie now," he reiterates., his eyebrows raising questioningly. 
  Oh, right. When Emma returned to retrieve her sweater, we pestered her into giving us Katie's number, and we managed to convince Emma of our sincerity on the matter of just wanting Katie to forgive us. Finally Emma gave it to us, and understood we weren't lying. 
  "Yeah, mate, let's tell her about the time problem," Louis adds, his cerulean eyes playful as we relax in the car, our driver putting it into drive to take us back to our hotel. 
  Normally, we'd stay at our flat, but the hotel was already booked, and it was the Masters' Suit, so we decided to stay there for now. I'm not quite sure how long we'll be in London, but if we dot leave at the end of the week, we'll move back into the flat for the remainder of the stay. We just finished our National Tour, so I knew we had time off, but that also meant staying in London so we can come in to the studio whenever Simon needs us, including this week.
  There wasn't actually a problem with the time, but later in the day meant we might be able to take her to dinner, if fate allows it. I've never been much of a person to believe in fate and luck, but I know we'll need it if we're to go anywhere but the studio with her yet. We honestly have no intention of kidnapping her again, because that was very wrong of us to do. Instead, we just want a second chance. Doesn't everyone deserve one?

Niall's P.O.V.:

  Our eyes lock on Harry, awaiting his response. He was the one that got Katie's number, but I won't hesitate to admit that I'm a bit envious. I understand that he likes her as well, but I just wish it was me. We've decided, that if she ever decided to give us a chance with her, that we wouldn't let it get between us, and that we'd let her choose. We've never fancied a girl so much, so this is new to all of us.
  I know Louis has Eleanor, but that doesn't mean he no longer has feelings for Katie like the rest of us, since he only met Eleanor a couple months ago, and I don't think that's nearly enough time to get over someone you've fallen this hard for.
  "Yeah, I'll text her," Harry announces, pulling his phone our of his pocket.
  We agreed that he'd be the only one to have Katie's number right now, because we don't want to overwhelm her and scare her more than we already have. 
  Eagerly, we huddle around him, and I know it's because we're all excited at the thought of getting the chance to apologise to her and have her forgive us, if that's what she chooses to do.
  "Alright, should I just tell her the time won't work?" Harry asks, looking up at us as he selects her number. 
  "Yeah Haz, tell her something like four, so we have a better chance," Liam instructs, giddy with excitement like the rest of us.
  I can tell Harry is trying to downplay his feelings, but I can see right through it. He's just as eager to get a chance as we are, because we all still fancy Katie, probably a bit too much for our own good.
  "Okay." His reply is delayed, as he gets slot in thought for another moment, before snapping out of it and glancing down at his phone, beginning to type.
  We wait for a reply after her sends the message, wondering what her reaction will be. We don't want to drive a rift between Katie and Emma, but Katie would've never given us her number and Emma understands that we just want a second chance, that we know what we did was horrible, and while it's unforgivable, it doesn't mean we won't try.
  His phone buzzes, pulling me from my thoughts. He gazes at it, and I speak the question I know the rest of us are wondering.
  "What'd she say?" He looks up at my question, as small smile on his face.

Harry's P.O.V:

  Niall's question pulls my gaze away from the screen of my phone, but I can't help to smile slightly.
  "She said exactly what we thought she might. She asked who this was, though I'm sure that if she's in a car with Emma, she already knows," I inform them, beginning to type my reply. 
  i think you know who. will four work for you?
  I send, my grin widening while I wait for her reply. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited, because I'm getting to talk, sort of, to the girl I fancy. She really is beautiful, and I just want another chance, this time to make up for what we did and treat her right. 
  My phone buzzes again, her reply popping up on my screen.
  Yeah, fine. Which one are you though? I know there's five of you...
  Her response makes me laugh slightly, and I decide to at least inform her of that. I look up at the lads, replaying the message to them.
  "She said that'd work, and she wanted to know which one of us I am," I tell them before they can ask.
  They all let out a small laugh, the tension in the car easing slightly as we pull up to our hotel. Quickly, before I get out, I send a message back.
  it's Harry. what's up?
  I await her reply as we head up to our room, Louis lightening the mood with his cheesy jokes. She doesn't reply though, and while I hope it's just because she's busy, I have a suspicion that she's just angry that I have her number, but I can hope otherwise, and that she'll reply as soon as she can.

Liam's P.O.V: 

  Seeing Katie walk into the studio today surprised me more than I though I could ever be surprised. And what a coincidence; the girl me and my mates just happen to be pining over just happens to show back up. 
  I'm assuming she's staying here in London, presumably with Emma, which is definitely the last place we would've ever thought to look. We realised after she left just how bad what we did was. I don't even want to begin to think about what could've happened if Katie had gone to the authorities, or even the press. Not only would we be ruined, but we'd also most likely be in jail. There are only so many things money can get you, or even get you out of...
  Either way, I feel like it was meant to be, fate and all those superstitions about that. A great saying that I find comes into play here quite ideally would be, "If you love something, let it go. If it was meant to be, it will return. If it doesn't, it never was."
  Fate let our paths cross with Katie's once again, because doesn't everyone deserve a second chance? If this is a re-do of sorts, then I'm determined not to mess it up. Yes, we scarred her, and for that I feel horrible, but now I hope we'll get the chance to heal her wounds, including the ones we gave her. 
  If it's meant to work out at any point, I know that it will require Katie to make a decision between us, but able all else, I want that choice to be completely hers. If she doesn't choose me, yeah I'll be heartbroken, but if it's one of my mates she chooses, that I will be happy for them. After all, if she doesn't end up being the one for me, there's got to be someone else, right?
  I know the other lads agree with me, but that doesn't mean that we won't try to win her over, it just means we'll let her decide of her own free will. I'd give anything to make it up to her and  to see her be happy, whether that's with me, on of the other lads, or someone else entirely. From now on, I just want to be someone she can trust and look to when she needs consoling or comfort. Everyone needs someone like that in their life right? Because life's too short to be anything but happy.


  ~I seriously want to cry... I can't believe how short I made this chapter for you all and in such a long wait!! I've stumbled over writer's block for it though, because until some plot really gets added, I don't know what to write for the boys' points of view... I really hope you can forgive me, and I'm already working on chapter seven, if that's any consolation... I really appreciate all the feedback and the emails and comments I get from you guys, it really brightens my day and makes me want to continue writing. Just keep being you, and I love you all.

  ~ss_lover xx

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