Second Chances

*One Direction Fan-fiction*: ~Sequel to Taken~ Katie's back, and in her opinion, better than ever. Now, after escaping from One Direction, who previously kidnapped her merely to 'protect' her, she is living with a new friend, Emma Harmon. Emma and her boyfriend, Daniel Boardman, had helped Katie escape, and get her back on her feet. Now, Katie has new challenges to face, but they are definitely not what she was expected. Though she tries to be defiant and strong-willed, will her past finally get to her? All she's trying to do is live in the present, but how is that possible when her past keeps knocking on her door? (It's recommended to read Taken first, because this story continues from it.)


4. Surprises Inbound

  God, I can't even imagine what today has in store for me. Yesterday, I got my dream job. Then I learned that I'd have to share it with my previous kidnappers. Boy, this should be loads of fun! (Please note the sarcasm...)
  Luckily, I'll have support from Emma while I'm there, but that's not going to change much, or make things any less awkward. It's just going to make me feel slightly more confident and safe, which I guess is a good thing, even though we'll most likely be in the recording set while she's outside the set. Oh joy, alone in a recording set room with my previous kidnappers. What fun... 
  Still, no matter what awaits me today, I'll face it head on. Emma's right, I can't let them affect me following my dreams. I have to go along with this, even if it means working with One Direction.
  I'm feeling quite good though, despite the inevitable meeting in about thirty minutes. This morning went lovely, and we even had a chance to stop at the Starbucks I worked at just yesterday to grab some coffee for the ride to work. It's great that we'll both be working there, at the same times, so that we can rue in together. 
  While I do have my license, for the weird British roads, I usually let Emma drive anyway. That way, I can good around on my phone to pass the time. Makes sense, right?
  I decided to go for a simple look for today, so I left my dark brown hair in its natural curls, which Emma has told me look lovely, her words not mine. Along with that, I wore a simple white beanie, along with some light grey skinny jeans, white flats, and a white long-sleeved shirt with a grey leather jacket, which is more of a fashion statement than an actual coat. It's started to cool down, in merely on day, hence the long-sleeve. My outfit may not seem simple, but it really is. I didn't want to look bad, but I didn't really try all that hard. 
  I wore my simple eye-liner in a very thin line, and added my normal foundation and mascara, the usual. I don't like heavy eye make-up, as I don't think I look very good as a slut. I'm not saying everyone who wears heavy eye make-up is a slut; that's just how it turns out on me, and I think I look horrific with it. Emma on the other hand can do her make-up amazingly, thick or thin, heavy or light, and I think that might just be because she's a model, and everything looks wonderful on her. Point of the matter is that I don't like to go heavy on the make-up I put on my eyes. End of discussion, end of the story. 
  We'll be arriving at the newly-familiar in about a minute now, as I can see it in the distance already as I sip on my drink from Starbucks. I don't understand all the hate Starbucks seems to get, because sure, girls like to go there quite often, though not all girls, but it's better than going to McDonalds, right?
  Either way, I don't care; I love my Starbucks. It's more of an 'every-now-and-then' kind of thing, but still. The coffee really doesn't help much to calm my nerves though, even though I wish it would. Though Emma consistently attempts to reassure me they won't be able to do anything to me again, that doesn't mean it won't be awkward or even emotionally wrecking for me. Sure, they weren't as bad as they could've been, but they still kidnapped me, which is definitely not okay. 
  I'm going to stick with my plan of avoiding them unless I'm requested to, otherwise I might lose it on them. I must admit though, David scares me more. My scars have begun to ache a bit lately, which regretfully makes me think of the person who gave them to me, which is taking it's toll. Luckily, the nightmares haven't come back fully yet. Previously, when I was living on my own before I was kidnapped and met Emma, I would experience nightmares of David. Basically, they were actually just horrible old memories resurfacing and turning into something worse in my horrifically imaginative subconscious. They only ever happened when my scars were aching though, as if that mentally triggered something in my head while I was sleeping. 
  The point of that story though is that now I'm in fear of the memories and nightmares returning. They were horrible, honestly. I rarely got sleep when I dreamt of them. To say the least, my past was just horrible in general. I'm really lucky to have met Emma, she's really started to fill the gap that Ellie took with her. I don't know if she'll ever truly be able to replace Ellie, but in the hospital when I was unconscious, I believe Ellie really did visit me, and she told me to open up, which is what I'm trying to do. 
  Honestly, I don't know where that leaves me with the lads of One Direction, considering what they did to me, as well as the fact that I opened up enough to them to tell them my story. I still don't understand what possessed me to do that, but I guess what's past is past, so I'm going to let it go. That being said though, it doesn't mean I'm ready to forgive them at all for what they put me through. I'm honestly interested in what they're reactions will be to seeing me, as they can't do anything about the fact that they can't have me back.
  I guess I'll find out very soon though, because Emma has just pulled in to what she calls 'her' lot.
  "I've worked here long enough; I think I've well enough earned the bloody thing," she argues as we exit the car, all the while I just laugh at her defensiveness.
  "Yeah, alright, I get it," I smirk, rolling my eyes at her. 
  We enter the building at a casual pace, on time and doing well both mentally and physically, so far at least. I'm sure that if it was just me, I'd have to ask someone at the front desk to show me where I need to go, but luckily since I have Emma with me, I don't need to. Of course, since she's worked here for over two years, she knows where I'm needed. 
  The walk there is set in silence between us, and I swear my heart beats louder with every step I take closer. She stops in front of a door, and I know it's the right one by the all-too-familiar voices of a certain famous boy band that can be heard softly from beyond the door. 
  "Are you ready?" she asks softly, placing her hand gently on my arm.
  I close my eyes and take a deep breath, opening them as I turn to look at her, the hallway around us surprisingly empty.
"Yes." No.

  "You know you don't have to go through with this, right?" she adds, though her eyes basically tell me I should do this, no matter what.                                                                   I merely nod, showing her that I'll be fine, hopefully. I'm not quite sure what this meeting will entail.

  She opens the door, stepping in first, while the boys cease their talking. A few hello's are murmured amongst them, until I step into view. Their eyes glue to me, Emma still protectively by my side as their eyes fill with confusion, amazement, and possibly... regret? I'm not fully sure, as I'm no profiler; I can't read a person's emotions perfectly. 
  I don't stop to let them gawk, instead pulling Emma with me to go stand in front of the large window, as the door shuts gently behind us. We stand their silently, and I can still feel their gazes on me as they whisper to each other too quietly for me to hear. I turn with a smile as I hear the door open yet again, knowing almost positively that it is Simon, which it is.
  "Ah, Katie. I'm glad you showed up! And I see you've brought Emma! Well, though I'm sure you've all probably introduced yourselves to each other, but Katie, this is Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn of One Direction," Simon introduces with a smile as he takes a seat sitting before the couch the boys currently occupy. 
  "Nice to meet you," I say with a tight yet hopefully convincing smile, aiming my comment to the lads.
  They stare at me dumbfounded, though I just look back at Simon. Simon seems to notice their inability to say anything, and laughs instead to brighten the mood. 
  "So, I actually have quite a few errands to run, but I figure the lads could show you how to work the recording set, and together you could work on coming up with some things to work on. I do want you to get some work done though, as I know these lads are known for goofing off like there's no tomorrow, so please keep them in like girls. Anyway, I think that's all, and I will try to be back as soon as I can, though it might be a while as I also have a couple important meetings to attend to as well," he says, and it seems like almost as quickly as he got here, he's gone.  
  So much for tension easing, as now the lads are back to staring at me with dumbfounded expressions, absolutely confused. I sigh slowly, sinking into a chair next to Emma, facing the boys reluctantly. I take a deep breath, closing my eyes before my courage perks up enough to attempt to be cocky.
  "Let's get started then, yeah?" I announce, raising an eyebrow at them cockily, trying to ease up the mood a bit.
  "I- Katie- how?" Harry stutters, as the boys continue to stare in awe at me.
  "Yeah, I'm here. I escaped, and now I'm here. So lets just drop it and get to work, alright?" I ask with a sigh, realising just how difficult this will be.
  "Yeah, that's a good idea," Emma adds, backing me up, which I'm thankful for.
  The boys look distraught for a moment, before seeming to decide what's best. They glance back and forth between Emma and I for a moment, before they looks uneasily at one another.
  "Alright," Liam says slowly, slightly unsure, but he says it nonetheless. 
  I sigh in relief and glance sideways at Emma, glad she's here to support me. I wait for them to make the first move, as I'm sure they've had experience with this sort of stuff, unlike myself. I've never even seen a recording studio in the flesh, let alone thought I'd be using one, so I'll definitely be needing some help. Seeing how Emma is a model, not a singer, I assume she has no experience with recording studios either, so we'll leave it up to the boys' to take care of it.
  As we sit in silence, I realize two things. The first is that while I should probably be furious at the lads of One Direction, I somehow can't seem to be. If anything, it's a very, and I stress this, very, subtle feeling of possibly gratitude. I guess, depending on how you look at it, on some level it was kind of a good thing they took me. If they hadn't, I wouldn't be where I am today. 
  Of course, the opposing part of me begs to differ that what they did is inexcusable, but for some reason, I can't let go of the fact that Ellie, even when she visited me, seemed to think I should open up to them, meaning she trusted them. I'm not sure what level of that trust I'm on with them, but I'm almost positive it's nearly non-existent, but I can't shake the feeling that it's there, no matter how scarce. 
  "Oi, so how do we do this?" Emma blurts, obviously uncomfortable with the impending silence, as was I, though I didn't really do anything about it.
  The lads seem shaken be her outburst as well, but quickly seem to recover, as if Simon could be back at any moment to check up on us. Harry and Liam stand, seeming slightly nervous to some extent as the pass me and head towards the sound proofed room behind us. Inside appears to be some quite expensive and good quality recording gear, and a confusing panel of little button and slider keys to adjust sounds and what-not on the outside. Several chairs are situated on the outside in front of the panel, and a few are inside stacked in the corner. Though the lights within the room are off, the light from the sun shining though the windows shows me some idea of what's inside, and from what I can see, there's only one door, and that'd be the one Liam and Harry are nearing. 
  The other boys seem to understand what's about to happen, and they lift themselves off of the couch as well, following behind the others. Liam flicks a switch near the door, and suddenly the neatly situated recording set is illuminated in the room. Harry opens the door as I stand, glancing at Emma with uncertainty. She returns the expression, and lifts herself out of her chair to stand by me as we take slow steps after the lads, wondering what they're doing. 
  They appear to share a special look with each other, and I can't decipher what it means, but then they turn to Emma and I, appearing to build up what seems like courage.
  "Alright Katie, Emma," Niall says, addressing both of us before continuing, "this is the recording set. As you can probably see, inside is the recording gear, while on the outside, this array of buttons and different variables that can be changed are how you mess around with the final product you get from within the room. The room is soundproof, except when you turn the microphone on. At that point, it can be recorded from out here, and then saved and downloaded." 
  I take all this information in, just as Emma appears to do as well. It's appears pretty basic, though I have a pretty good idea it will be a bit more complicated once we get past the preliminaries. The boys then proceeded to step into the room adjacent to the room I'm currently standing in with Emma. They beckon us to follow silently by waiting once they enter, spreading out casually in the room as if they're used to it, as I'm sure they are.
  "It's pretty simple, really. In here, you sing into the microphone, take several attempts if you need to, while someone else records it out there. Usually you stand while singing to get into the music, but of course you do have the choice to sit as well, I guess," Zayn adds, motioning to the small stack of chairs in the corner of the small crowed space. 
  After a moment of silence, I realize they want us to go back out, and seeing how we're blocking the door, they want us to go first. I turn and exit the small room, gently tugging Emma's arm to get her to follow. We truth to face the five lads as they exit the small room too, and it appears some of their nervousness has subsided, and they appear to be more comfortable, their smiles even a bit cheeky.
  "Well, let's get started, eh?" Louis coaxes, seeming slightly eager.

  ~So there is it! The fourth chapter! Right now, I want to thoroughly apologise, because this chapter was supposed to be up approximately two weeks ago, but it wasn't. I don't want to make the excuse of being busy, as it's a bit overused, but I honestly was. I want to try to make it up to you, and if it helps any, I've been working on a new movella, one that I'm thinking of writing with someone else. Also, I've sorta been working on the next chapter for The Story of Us, as a few of you still want me to continue that story. Since this update was so, so, late, i'm not going to set requirements for the next chapter. I will post it as soon as it's complete, and I'll take any comments and/or likes and favourites. Thanks a bunch my lovelies, and I hope you enjoy and I love you all!

   ~ss_lover xx

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