#1 girl| justin bieber

Jamie is just an ordinary 19 year old when all of the sudden she meets this fine guy who turns her world upside down


3. The party

When we arrived at the party Justin went over to me and grabbed me by my hips and carried me to the house

"Bae go along with me okay?"


When I turned around I saw selena so now

I knew why justins toungue was almost down my throat for like a whole 2 minutes

" And who is this little slut you sharing spit witb" selena said

"This is my girlfriend Jamie"

"Oh jamie isnt that a boys name?"

"Selena leave her alone jamie lets go selena is just a bitch lets go"


Back at my house

"Jamie wanna go to LA with me tomorrow?"


"I got to go see my friend Chaz."

"Okay bae"

Next thing I know justin jumps on top of me kisses my forehead

"Bae why you did that?"

"To thank you for being my girlfriend"

"You welcome lets go get some sleep its late and we gotta go to LA"

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