#1 girl| justin bieber

Jamie is just an ordinary 19 year old when all of the sudden she meets this fine guy who turns her world upside down


2. In my front yard

When I looked outside there was a sexy ass naked guy in my frontyard like WTF?

"Who the fuck are you and why are you naked in my front yard??!?!"

"I'm Justin Bieber if you go out with me I'll go get my clothes"

All I could think about was his long dick swinging so i got chuckled up

"Yes on one condition"


"Don't get dressed"

"Haha okay"

He bit his lips so sexy i mean omg and his laugh even sexier.

When we got in my house we went straight up to my bedroom. When we got in my room he threw me down on the bed unzipped my pants ripped my shirt off unbuckled my bra and ripped my panties off slowly fucking me

"Go Faster Bieber" i moaned and he did just like I said He went faster way faster then i think he got tired cause we stopped fucking and went to making out

"So how do you know me cause i dont know you" i said weaklessly

"We went to school together and i remember your first name and how big of an ass you got"

Did he seriously just say my ass was big?!!

"So you just wanted to fuck me?"

"No i wanted you to love me and let me make love to you not fuck you"

"Oh okay so whats with those fine ass tats?"

"These are from when I went to jail "

"All of them?"

"No I only got the eye in jail"

"Why did you go to jail?"

"I'm a drug dealer"

"Oh so justin what you wanna do?"

"I wanna be with you because I loved you then and I love you still always have and always will"

"Aww Okay so how bout we go to LA?"

"Okay i was suppose to go to Ushers party anyways"

"How do you know Usher?!"

"My ex Selena Gomez"

"You were that dude she dated "


"Its okay now you got me to show off."

"Yeah you right shawty lets go be ready in 1 hour"

"Okay bae"

While justin was downstairs I rummaged through my closet looking for something then BAM i found a cute black crop top that said my boo with an arrow in gold and black short shorts with black and gold hightop wedges and my long curly brown hair.

"Damn shawty you lookin fine"

Justin was in jeans a black v neck and adidas

"Dont I always?"

"Yeah but now yo ass look bigger and yo boobs bigger"

" okay anyway you ready?"

"Yeah bae lets go"

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