#1 girl| justin bieber

Jamie is just an ordinary 19 year old when all of the sudden she meets this fine guy who turns her world upside down


4. Chaz House

I woke up to the smell of food. When i went downstairs justin was making eggs and bacon

"Bae whatever you cooking smell good"

"Thanks you might wanna start getting dressed you gone be at chaz house with chaz while I go shopping."

"Bae what you going shopping for?"

"Its a suprise"


I walked upstairs to my bedroom and picked out a pink bra like shirt and booty shorts and black vans.

"Damn shawty now don't try to fuck chaz he off limits haha"

"Really you know I rather fuck your long dicked ass"

"Okay i feel better now anyway lets go "



When we arrived at chaz house a fine ass guy came out the door with no shirt on . Now i see why justin would get suspicious

"Hey man been while since i seen you who is this sexy thang"

"This sexy thang is my girlfriend Jamie"


"Yeah anyway just take care of her while i go shopping"

When we got in Chaz house Chaz went upstairs fully clothed and came downstairs naked

"Is this completly normal to wear nothing for you guys?"

"No you just sexy and i want you to see my long dick"

"Justins is longer and i dont want to see that so called long dick"

"Okay then"

"Yea you got Mario super bros 3d world?"

"Yeah wanna play?"

"Sure if i win you get dressed if you win we fuck kapeesh dont tell noone if we fuck"

"Aight lets go"


I lost Chaz won so i stripped down and chaz fucked me fast and i quietly moaned and then we finished

"Alright i think i hear justin pulling up no talk about this okay?"

"Okay jamie"

"Jamie" i heard Justins sexy voice


"Lets go"


"Bye Chaz"

"Bye jamie"


"Bae where we going ?"

"Its a suprise"

"Whats with all the suprises?"

"You'll see my number 1 girl"

When justin stopped he stopped at a huge mansion with mexican roofs

"Whose place is this?"


"What OMG Justin I love you"

I was running up to Justin and he caught me and spinned me around

"I love you too Jamie forever and always"

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