You & I


1. You & I

Liam Payne Fanfiction:

*sorry I'm new at this.

It was 11:37 p.m. Liam had just fallen asleep and you had just gotten out of the shower.

"How did he fall asleep so fast?" You wondered. "Especially during a Toy Story Marathon."

You were feeling a bit tingly so you slipped on a batman bra and underwear. You scrummaged through Liam's shirts and put one on. It was a light purple. It had just came past your bum. Liam's head was slightly tilted and resting on a pillow. He was laying straight. You climbed over top of him. Kissing his forehead, you spread your legs, one on each side. Your arms were underneath of you. Liam grunted softly and placed his hand over your hip. His eyes still remained closed. You moved your head to where his heart was. Listening to it made you giggle. He looked up. Liam smiled and rolled over top of you. His hands were above your shoulders and your knees were almost touching his all steel abs.

He looked down. "Are you wearing my shirt babe."

You nodded biting your lip.

He placed his hand at the bottom right corner of the shirt. "Well Hun... It's not yours so it's gotta go." He winked and the shirt disappeared on the messy bed.

Looking at your boobs he saw a batman symbol. You saw his eyes get bigger. You bit your lip. "Batman only comes out at night right..." He placed his head on your chest almost smothering you. His manhood hardened. "There we go" you whispered as he lifted himself off of you.

Liam placed his hands behind you and slowly started to kiss your neck. You moaned, clawing his back. After a few moments your bra was on the floor and Liam was working on getting your undies off. You felt retarded humping the air but you wanted him inside you. Liam finally got them off.

"Y/N." He dragged your name on. "I helped you so you help me." He winked.

Liam rolled over. You got in top of him once again. He played with your ladies as you slowly unzipped his jeans. All that was left was his boxers. Soon they would be gone too.

Doing this and whispering dirty things in his ear made him horny. You turned him on.

Liam was talking sternly. "God fucking dammit. I need to fuck you right the fuck now." He grabbed your waist. "And your gonna have to fucking adjust with 2 seconds because I'm going full fucking speed bitch. "

He whipped out his manhood. Demandingly he picked you up and slammed you onto his. You screamed in pain. Tears ran down your face.

Liam rolled you over so now you were on the bottom. He thrust full speed. Back and forth... Back and forth. He laid on you gently massaging you again. You pecked him. He started a battle. His tongue dominated after about ten minutes.

He let go of you panting. "Your fucking amazing. Damn. God damn. I love you."

He pulled out slowly and apologized. You laid on your side and rubbed his chest. You followed the indents leading up to the V line. He got up slowly and put his clothes back on. So did you. Liam swept you off your feet and took you to the balcony. He placed you on your feet and hugged your waist. There you stood with him talking about the universe for a good half an hour.

Liam's eyes were tired. You could see it. You stumbled to the bed and collapsed; your back against him. He laid beside you holding your waist.

Liam was softly humming. "Not even the gods above could deprecate the two of us. Nothing can coke between you and I."

You joined him falling asleep in his arms for the first time. 💕

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