White Shadows

Kayla used to think life was simple. That was until she met Hayden. She thought that he was Perfect. Gorgeous AND sweet, all in the same guy! But little does she know, he is hiding some pretty dark secrets that will threaten their closeness.


3. Suspicions

Maths was the normal frenzy of energy. Paper balls flew over my head like planes, and landed on the teachers back as she was writing on the board. As she yelled at all the boys, (excuse me for being mysgonistic) I absentmindedly sketched cartoons in my exercise book. Stacy, Bridget and Karli, as per usual, were mucking around; laughing and talking to each other. On numerous occasions I had tried to join in the conversation, but I found it difficult to keep track of what they were saying. I continued to sketch, but I paused when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, only to be looking into the deep blue mysterious eyes of Hayden.

"Excuse me, do you have an eraser that I could please borrow?" As he asked me in that sweet as honey, philosophical voice of his, I felt my body freeze all over and go rigid. There was an awkward silence in the room as everyone turned to stare at us both.

"Uh.....yeah..sure," I stammered, fumbling around in my pencil case.

He flashed me that perfect, angelic grin of his, and people turned their attention back to what they were doing. I breathed a sigh of relief as he handed the eraser back to me, tightly clenching the little square of paper that he had also handed me. I allowed myself one peek.

0749 388 695

Call me

My heart was beating at an irregular and rapid pace. I couldn't stop the grin that was now plastered on my face. I felt excited. Pocketing the tiny square of paper, I stacked my books and headed to my next class. As I left the room, in the corner of my eye, though I pretended not to notice,  I'm certain I saw Bridget glaring at me.

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