White Shadows

Kayla used to think life was simple. That was until she met Hayden. She thought that he was Perfect. Gorgeous AND sweet, all in the same guy! But little does she know, he is hiding some pretty dark secrets that will threaten their closeness.


1. Epilogue

As we walked along the moonlit beach, I felt the air go through my body in a wisp. The goosebumps on my arms became prominent, and I could almost feel their existence, even without touch. Our fingers intertwined, as we continued to walk slowly down the abandoned shore. We came across an illuminatus pavilion, and he slowly lead me up the creaky staircase. The paint crumbled in my fingers, as I dusted off a part of the old staircase, whilst walking soundlessly around the outskirts of the pavilion. The distant howling of the wolfs of the prairie was not acknowledged by either of us. The grasp of his hand reassured my nerves that I could trust him. The uncertainty was still in the air; mixed with feelings of emotive desire for this newfound vampire. As I buried myself in his coat, the smell of tobacco filled my nostrils. The scent was stained heavily into his jacket. The chill in his breath blew straight through me, as he placed his hand around my waist, carefully sweeping back my hair. He placed his icy lips on my neck. I felt as if I were fading beneath his touch. I knew that this was the moment, that he had tried so hard to warn me about. He was a monster. And I was his prisoner.

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