White Shadows

Kayla used to think life was simple. That was until she met Hayden. She thought that he was Perfect. Gorgeous AND sweet, all in the same guy! But little does she know, he is hiding some pretty dark secrets that will threaten their closeness.


2. Autumn Days

It was early autumn, the time I loved most. The mornings were still fresh, but it was usually warm and sunny by the end of the day. It wasn't wet and raining, or sweltering and humid. It was just neutral. Kind of like me, I guess. 

Walking into the school gates, I yanked my iPod headphones from my ears, cutting off my music mid-song. Before I even stepped foot through the gates, my best friend Bridget was running towards me, squealing. I tried my best to smile, even though it was a Friday morning and already I was dying to go home.

"Hey Jessie!" She squealed. 

Before I could even reply, she cut me off.

"Guess what?! There is a gorgeous foreign exchange student coming from America somewhere! It was all over Facebook last night!" There was an unmistakable grin on her face.

I nodded, and smiled. Bridget was boy crazy.

"I had no idea," I replied, trying to sound enthusiastic like she was. "But Bridge, you know I don't have Facebook, so you can't expect me to know these things," I teased.

My parents were the overly protective type. I hated it.

"Yeah, I guess," she replied, frowning. 

She looked down at her watch.

"Ohmygod! Jess we're gonna be late!" She yelped.

She grabbed my arm and literally pulled me into the hallway. 

"Bridge, slow down before you rip my arm off! And besides, since when have you cared about getting to class on time?'I tried to sound serious, but I was laughing too hard. Bridget rolled her eyes.

People were hiding behind the vents of their lockers and whispering. I wondered why. My heart sank. Uh oh, I thought. What if I have stains on my dress from brekky this morning?! I went into panic mode. I fumbled with my locker combination, and finally got the door open so I could look in my mirror. But I barely had any time to check, because there he was, walking down the hallway.

Short, sandy blonde hair. Sparkling blue eyes, the color of sapphires. Golden-bronze colored skin. His warm, beautiful smile seemed to be directed straight at me. I could feel my heart do a little somersault. As he walked past me, with that carefree walk of his, I swear I saw him wink at me. I could almost feel my face burn bright red! He smiled even wider, and continued walking down the hall, oblivious to the stares of everyone else. Bridget noticed this too.

"OhMyGod! He totally winked at you! I think he likes you!" Bridget was by my side almost an instance after it happened.

"Oh c'mon Bridge, I don't even know the guy!" I dismissed her in a mocking tone, but secretly to myself, I wouldn't have minded if it were true, and I couldn't help but wondering if it was.

The bell rang for form, and we were all ushered into our classes. I sat next to Bridget, and this other girl Tess. Tess was quiet, and she didn't talk much, but when she did she was one of the friendliest people imaginable. I liked Tess. My other friends Stacy and Karli came into class. They were mucking around and laughing as they sat on the other side of Bridget. The form teacher told them off, and began marking the roll. About halfway through, she said a name that nobody recognized. 

"Hayden Phillips.........." 

A sudden hush fell over the room.

"Hayden Phillips?" She repeated.

He suddenly appeared in the doorway, like an angel floating on a cloud. In the corner of my eye I could see Bridget gasping, and I smiled. As soon as I did, Hayden looked straight at me! He smiled back, and then returned his attention to the teacher, handing her a bright green piece of paper. The teacher smiled in return.

"Class," We all looked up. "This is Hayden, a foreign student from America. I trust you will all make him feel welcome." The teacher smiled at him once more, and pointed to a seat that was directly behind me. He smiled to her in thanks, and sat down.

"Oh, I'll make him feel welcome alright!" Bridget whispered to herself, grinning. 

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