One Direction Imagines


1. You moan another members name (Niall)

You moan another members name (Niall)

It was the morning after your accident, you moaned Zayns name last night and it was a mistake but niall got really upset and slept on the sofa, you woke up this morning cold and upset you got in the shower and went down stairs to find niall but instead you found all the boys “morning”you greeted all of them you went to kiss niall but he walked off “what’s up with him” liam asked “umm nothing”you lied you didn’t want to tell the boys about it “you sure it don’t look like nothing”zayn said but you just nodded, niall came back in and sat next to louis “niall you alright”louis asked placing his hand on niall arm “I’m fine”he mumbled, niall spend the whole day not speaking to you and the boys knew something was wrong “niall what’s right you’ve been ignoring (y/n) all day”harry asked “why don’t you ask (Y/N) I think she be happy to tell you” niall shouted “or zayn”he mumbled “what did I do”zayn asked “you didn’t do anything but (y/n) wants you to”Niall shouted “I’m confused”everyone said at the same time “arr (y/n) said zayns name last night whiles we were.. Well you know”niall shouted but everyone laughed “really?!”Louis said “its not funny she said his name”niall shouted “do you really think (y/n) would cheat on you with me”zayn said “no”niall mumbled “well kiss and make up”zayn said, niall walked over to you and kissed you “I’m sorry”he said “its ok”you said “think we can have a do over”niall smirks “umm I think we’re be leaving”liam blushed.😚

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