One Direction Imagines


5. you cheat with him

You cheat with him

Harry: “Hey love,” Harry says with a smile, toeing his boots off to crawl across the bed you’re lounging on in a random New York City hotel and you roll your eyes at the nickname. “And where does the song writer think you are this time?” You question, shifting your legs apart when he moves to crawl between them and he glares at you. “Can you not do that when I’m here with you?” He questions, leaning back on his knees and you shrug. “It was just a question… or is she that stupid to really believe that you’re just out, wondering about the city?” You say harshly, arms crossing over your chest and Harry sighs while scrubbing his tired face with his large hand. “(Y/N) please don’t do this, not when I made such an effort to come here to be with you,” he asks softly, looking at you with exhausted eyes and you soften for a moment. “Look, it was hard enough to get away from her long enough to come here… I don’t need you nagging me like she does every second of the day whether we’re together or not,” he explains, running his long fingers up your bare calf before tapping out a tune on your knee cap. “Alright, I’m sorry… I don’t have the right to nag, I’m not the girlfriend. I’m sorry Haz,” you tell him softly, sitting up to press your face against his chest and Harry wraps his long arms around you. “I didn’t come here to fight with you, you know,” he teases, pushing you back against the mattress before he starts removing his jacket and button down while you stare up at him. “Oh, why did you come here then?” You question with a teasing smile. You watch as he pulls his undershirt off and looks down to your sprawled out position beneath him, your bare legs spread out on either side of his thighs with your dress pooling around your hips and he grins. “For something much more enjoyable,” he whispers against your thigh once he’s shifted down the bed to pull your clothes off and toss them aside. “How enjoyable?” You question breathlessly, lifting up as he drags your lace panties down your thighs to toss them behind his back before he’s shoving his jeans and boxers down his hips. “The kind where I come inside of you while you scream my name,” he murmurs against your lips, kissing you for the first time since arriving half an hour ago. “Show me then,” you whisper against his neck, legs shifting upwards as he slams into you. Your back arches upwards into his chest, bare breasts pressing against his inked chest as he shifts his angle to draw out your climaxes until he’s ready to burst and take you with him. “Oh my god,” you moan, eyes rolling backwards as you tilt your head back against the pillow beneath you while struggling to keep up with the fast past Harry’s kept while he fucked you into the mattress. He groans at the prayer you sent up, knowing good and well how close to your orgasm you were and he shifts his thrusts again. “Harry, please,” you beg against his neck, nails digging into shoulders as he continued his relentless pounding as one of his large hands covers your breast and pinches. “Please, please, please,” you continue to beg loudly, clutching at him as everything inside of you tightens until you’re in pain. That’s when Harry shifts his hips upwards, slamming into your g-spot until you see stars behind your closed lids as you call out his name with your orgasm. Harry’s panting in your ear as you squeeze your vaginal muscles around him, trying to coax him into his orgasm until his hips buck against yours. “Oh, shit… yes,” he hisses against your jaw, releasing himself inside of you with his orgasm but he continues to pound you into the mattress and his pace only slows with his erratic breathing returning to normal. “Did I live up to my promise?” He asks, pushing strands of hair away from your face as he continues to thrust into you lazily and you smile. “And then some,” you assure him, not the least bit apologetic that Harry’s cheating with you and has been for some time.

Zayn: “Don’t worry, she’s on tour,” he says to you as he leads you into the bedroom. You smirk at his confidence and let him lead you on. You look around his bedroom in awe, you had never seen a house so luxurious before. “It’s gorgeous,” you say, your eyes wondering around the room. “As are you,” he counters turning around, pulling you in closely, lifting you onto the bed. He crawls onto you, his arm around your back, escorting you to the headboard. Once his lips meet yours, you forget everything. You only want him and you instantly make it known. You quickly remove your jeans, and begin working on the black skinnies he had on. He chuckles at your urgency and sits up to remove his shirt. You do the same once he shuffles off all of his clothes, wrapping his arm back around the small of your back. You smile as he leans in closer. You feel him against your thigh and you pull him into you, urging him to enter. He sees your want, but only continues to tease. “Not nice,” you whine into his mouth. You moan when he finally enters and adjust your hips for pleasure and instead of pain. “Like that?” He whispers in your ear with a smile. You try your best to answer, but only moans escape your breath. He pounds harder into you, as your arms wrap around his back. He begins his panting while helping you to reach your climax. As your body clenches with pleasure your arms immediately fall from his back and onto the sheets, gripping them tightly. The arch of your back allows him to pull you in tighter, letting him thrust deeper into you, the pleasure almost unbearable. You moan loudly as you tug harder on the sheets letting him know that he had done his job. He thrusts harder to reach his climax as he pulses inside of you. You groan as his thrusts turn into jerks and he comes inside, throwing his head back letting out a loud groan. He collapses beside of you once he pulls out, his chest rising and falling rapidly. He says nothing as the two of you begin to relax again. You get up from the bed and walk to the bathroom to make yourself presentable once more. Once you emerge from the bathroom you find him already asleep. You chuckle and gather your things that had been strowed around his bedroom. Before leaving the room your make one more trip to the bathroom, this time to reapply your lipstick. You step outside of the bathroom and smile at his sleeping face. You bend down and leave a small kiss on his cheek, leaving your mark, at least until he took a shower.

Louis: “Louis,” you say breathlessly against the pillow as he enters you with force. He latches his hands on your bare hips and thrusts with pleasure. He reaches for your hair for more of a sturdy grip, knotting the handful in his fist. You moan as he pulls your hair back towards him, lifting your head from the pillow. “Oh shit,” you gasp through your throat, trying to find the air. As he pounds harder into you, you turn to see his stern face over your shoulder, concentrating on every thrust, his eyes tightening shut with pleasure. You feel your climax coming so you turn from him, resting your head back on the pillow as he releases your hair. You moan into your orgasm, feeling your body tighten up with pleasure. He’s quiet as your moans grow louder, finishing your climax. He pounds harder, knowing his is not far. He tightly grips your hips and you wince as his thrusts turn into your pain. “Louis,” you say softly, this time discomfort in your voice. He doesn’t stop, still continuing as he lets out a slight moan, the only sound he’s made since getting into bed with you. As he comes inside, you are relieved as the pain subsides. You sigh breathlessly as he pulls out and you let your hips crash into the mattress. He rolls to your side and pulls the covers to his hips. You get up to put yourself back together, knowing it wouldn’t be long until he would leave. As you make your way over to the window, where your shirt had ended up, you notice a small group of people outside of your house. “Did people follow you?” You ask, still looking out the window at the dark shadows standing across the road with obvious cameras around their neck. Louis says nothing as he pulls his sweatpants on and walks over to the window. You hold your hand back, stopping him. “They can see you,” you tell him, keeping him away from their view. “How many?” He asks from the side. “About four or five I think,” you reveal. “Fuck,” he scoffs walking back to the bed. He covers his face with his hands, not sure of what to do. You walk over to the bed, crawling up behind him and wrapping your arms across his chest. “Get off,” he says shaking you away. You look at him in offense and curl up on the other side of the bed, leaving him to comfort himself. After about ten minutes of silence he quickly gets up off of the bed and finishes dressing himself. “Bye,” he says abruptly, not bothering to even look at you. You say nothing as he walks out the bedroom door. As you hear the front door slam you walk over to look out the window. The second he steps out the door bright flashes come from across the street. You can hear them yelling his name through the window as he quickly gets into his car to drive away. You are unsure if after that you would ever see him again, after all, this encounter would now probably make it to El. You shower and crawl back into bed, ready to forget the night. Your phone buzzes as your head hits the pillow and you sit back up to read the message. ‘Tomorrow’ was all it said; you obviously would be seeing him again.

Niall: “This is fancy,” you comment, glancing around the hotel room Niall’s just let you into and he grins. “Yeah well, I’m famous now… I can afford the nicer things,” he brags and you roll your eyes. “Honey, I’ve had the nicer things my whole life… it gets old,” you remind him, setting your Louis Vuitton Wilshire on the dresser and Niall rolls his eyes. “Will you just let me relish in the fact that I can share this with you?” He questions, wrapping his arms around your waist and you try to suppress the scoff that’s threatening to come up your throat. “Why, don’t you relish in this enough with your hometown love?” You question, watching as Niall steps away from you. “Leave Holly out of this,” Niall states, leaning back against the dresser and you roll your eyes. “I’ll be going now,” you tell him, grabbing your bag and head for the door but he stops you with a grip to your wrist. “I have the room for the night,” he tells you and this time you can’t stop the scoff from escaping. “Well, why don’t you call Holly and spend it with her?” you snap and Niall’s eyes darken for a moment. “Stop saying her name,” he commands and you chuckle while wrenching your hand away from him. “Don’t command me to do anything Niall, I’m just your dirty little secret remember?” you question, watching as he pull your purse from your hands and drops it to the floor before he grabs your waist. “You’re only here for the weekend and I thought this would be nicer than some shitty hotel, excuse me for trying to do something romantic,” he says and you roll your eyes. “Do something romantic for your girlfriend then,” you scoff, stumbling back when he pushes you onto the bed. “I’d rather save the romantic things for you” he mumbles against your skin, pulling at the ties on you wrap dress until he can see the black lace covering your breasts and pelvis. “And why’s that?” You question breathlessly, as he works his fingers into the waistband of your panties to run against your wet folds. “Because, I’d rather share them with you. No more talking about her. When I’m with you, I’m with you and no one else. And there’s no one else I’d rather be here with than you, so please… for tonight, can we forget about anyone else?” He begs softly, leaning back as you push his sweats down his legs and you nod against his shoulder. “Thank you,” he whispers against your lips, trailing his kisses to your neck to suck at your skin and leave his mark while lifting your legs up so he can ease into you. Clutching his shoulders, you tilt your head backwards as Niall thrusts into you slowly. He’s dragging this out, going as slow as possible and building you both up until you feel as if you’re being consumed by one another. “Niall, please,” you breath against his shoulder, trying to tilt your hips upwards to get the friction you so desperately need to come but he shakes his head. “No… just waist,” he pants, hitching one of your legs up around his waist as he barely quickens his pace. “Ass,” you moan, back arching off the bed as your stomach clenches tightly and Niall chuckles against your jaw. He tilts his hips upwards and you’re gasping his name loudly, fingers digging into his back as your climax seizes you. Niall groans against your neck, hips bucking out of rhythm as his own orgasm washes over him and he spills inside of you. “You’re not my dirty little secret,” Niall says later that night, drawing shapes on your bare back in the dark of the hotel room and you sigh. “I know,” you tell him, kissing his jaw and you mean it; you’re not his dirty little secret, just a secret.

Liam: “Could we have met anywhere more sketch than this?” You question upon Liam’s arrival in the seedy hotel room in Paris. “Probably, if I had tried,” he teases, ducking inside the room before someone notices him as you lock yourselves into the room. “Next time, can we at least meet somewhere I won’t get scabies?” You question, leaning away from his kisses and he sighs. “Sure, whatever… are you going to kiss me or not?” Liam demands to know, settings his hands on his hips as you sit back against the bed with a shrug. “Where’d you tell Danielle you were going?” You question and Liam sighs in exhaustion. “I don’t need this,” he huffs, intent on leaving; or that’s what he tells himself. “Sure you don’t, is that why you’ve been coming to me for months?” You question, crossing a leg over the other and he scowls at you. “I don’t need this, you badgering me; that’s her job. And that’s why I come to you, because you aren’t her,” he reminds you and you scoff, eyes rolling at his explanation. “Oh please, you come to me because you want to fuck me, because you want someone who isn’t uptight and using you for your name,” you remind him with a raised eyebrow, begging him to deny your words and he sighs. “Can we not talk about her while we’re in this shitty hotel room? I came here to fuck you and I intend to do so,” he says, pushing you back onto the mattress roughly but you push him away. “Is that why you brought me to Paris then? Come on Liam, stop lying to yourself,” you say, trying to crawl away from him but he tosses you back onto the bed before he cracks his neck in annoyance. “Shut the fuck up, just… shut up” he demands, leaning back on his knees as you struggle against his hold. “Well come on then, fuck me like the whore I am to you,” you challenge, sitting up to pull your dress off to reveal that you weren’t wearing anything beneath it. “Come on Liam, if I’m your whore then treat me like it,” you dare, gasping when he covers your mouth with his for a rough kiss. You stare at him, breathless and wanton, as he shrugs out of his clothes to reveal his painfully hard erection before he crawls over top of you. “Turn over, ass up,” he demands, pushing at your hips until you do as he says as he settles behind you. “You want me to treat you like a whore, I can do that,” he tells you, fingers gripping your hips tight enough to bruise before he slams into you from behind filling you to the hilt. He doesn’t give you time to adjust, just pushes his hand between your shoulder blades until your arms give out and you collapse face first against the mattress as he pounds into you. He leans over you, lips trailing up your spine as he gathers your hair in his hand and yanks you upwards onto your hands. “Say it,” he demands, pulling at your hair until you tilt your neck backwards so he can run his teeth along your neck. “No,” you counter, groaning when he bit into your bottom lip before he shifted his hips upwards until your gasping and begging. “Say it,” he demands again, pushing you down so your cheek rests against the mattress as he pounds into you until his balls tighten. “I’m yours,” you remind him, looking up at him and his glare softens. His hand curls around your neck to lift you upwards until your back is against his chest as he continues to thrust harshly, lips trailing up your neck until he can kiss you. His other hand trails down your body before disappearing between your thighs and pushes down and your orgasm rips through you. “Liam” you gasp against his lips, vaginal muscles tightening around him with your orgasm and he groans as he spills inside of you. He collapses over top you, crushing your body to the dirty mattress until he rolls of you. “You know why I brought you to Paris and it isn’t for sex” he assures you as you both redress, smiling when you lean forward to press a grateful kiss against his lips.

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