One Direction Imagines


4. Larry imagine **dirty**

Where does it hurt

Louis' laying in bed reading when suddenly he has a lap full of boy.

“Hi daddy!” Harry says happily, straddling Louis' hips.

Louis drops his book, bringing his hands to his boy's hips to still him. He's not wearing the pajama bottoms Louis had put on him before his nap, just in his little white briefs and tank top. It's not uncommon. More often than not he kicks off his bottoms before he even falls asleep.

“Good nap, baby?” Louis asks, smiling tiredly up at the shining face above him.

“Yeah, but I'm all done with that now,” Harry says, falling forward against Louis' chest and wiggling into a comfortable position.

When Louis notices how he's reacting to the wiggling, he thinks maybe he needs to start dating again. If his cock is perking up at the feeling of his son moving against his body, it's definitely time for a proper shag.

“Can we play a game, daddy?” Harry asks, looking up at him through long lashes.

“What kind of game?” Louis asks, refusing to acknowledge the stiffening in his trousers.

“Jack told me about this game he plays called doctor. Can we play that? I'll be the doctor and you'll be the patient and I have to figure out where you're hurting.”

Louis' heart races a bit at the suggestion, but there's no hint of knowledge in Harry's eyes that doctor is often a dirty game. He agrees to play, though, wanting to make his boy happy. Harry grins brightly and hops off Louis' lap, telling him to lay flat on the bed.

As Louis lays out, he thinks maybe this was a bad idea. His cock isn't fully hard, but there's a noticeable bulge in is trousers and laying flat on his back only makes it more pronounced.

“Okay, open your mouth and say 'ahh', okay daddy?” Harry says, hovering over his face.

Louis does as instructed, stifling a groan as Harry peers into his mouth, bringing a little hand up to tilt his chin back. Louis can feel the warm breath of his son spilling over his own lips and he thinks it's likely that the bulge is growing.

“Throat's okay,” Harry declares with a certain nod. “Now I have to check your heartbeat.”

He moves down and as his little fingers fumble on Louis' buttons, Louis thinks his heart is definitely not okay, but when Harry lays his ear against his chest, he declares that his heart is fine, too.

He goes over his arms, checking for bumps and bruises, then pushes lightly on Louis' exposed stomach, checking for god knows what. It all checks out and by the time Harry's focus shifts below Louis' waistband, Louis' cock is raging hard beneath his clothes from having the boy's hands all over him.

“Uh oh, daddy,” Harry says seriously. “I think I found where you're hurt.”

And god help him, when Harry caresses a hand softly against the bulge in his trousers, Louis moans, deep in his throat. That little hand feels so good rubbing against him and it looks even better, so small against his not-so-small bulge.

Harry pets at it for a moment before moving his hands to the button of Louis' trousers and Louis can't even bring himself to stop him. It's all a game anyway, right? All part of the game. That's what he tells himself.

“I bet you bumped your willy, daddy,” Harry says gravely. “Like when I hurt my head, remember? Remember how I got that big bump?”

“I remember, baby,” Louis says, trying to keep his voice light, but it comes out rough anyway.

Harry's fingers pull his zipper down and push his trousers away before they reach up and pull Louis' boxers down, exposing his hard cock.

“Oh wow,” Harry breathes, blinking up at Louis. “Daddy, you really are hurt, huh? It's all pink, just like my bump.”

Louis bites his lip as Harry looks closely, his face close enough that Louis can feel his breath hitting his cock and Louis thinks he might lose his mind from the feeling.

“Does it hurt?” Harry asks, dropping a hand to touch it gently.

Louis moans again, planting his hips to the bed with all of his energy. Fuck. His son's hand is on his cock and all he can think of is how he wants more.

“Yeah, it hurts,” he replies honestly.

Harry seems to be assessing the situation, a serious look on his face as he pulls his hand away. He twists his lips thoughtfully.

“Remember how daddy always makes you feel better, baby?” Louis asks tightly, deciding he's obviously already gone mad just by suggesting it.

Harry's face lights up as he realizes the cure.

“Kiss it better, yeah,” he says to himself, nodding, before looking up to Louis. “Okay, daddy, gonna kiss your boo-boo all better, alright? Don't worry.”

And then his baby boy is leaning down, pressing his lips right against his aching shaft and Louis drops his head, eyes rolling back at the feeling.

“That better, daddy?” Harry asks, moving his mouth up to kiss the tip of Louis' erection.

“Yeah, that's so much better,” Louis practically gasps. “Little more now, love. Need lots of kisses, hurts so bad.”

His mind spins as his boy plants kisses all over his cock, from the base to the tip. He gets his little hand around it to hold it steady as he kisses the tip again and Louis can't quite keep his hips pinned to the bed, arching as he pushes up against his boy's lips.

“Still more?” Harry asks innocently.

“Yeah, more,” Louis breathes, dropping a hand to the back of Harry's head, urging him forward.

Harry continues giving Louis' cock messy kisses until Louis is practically panting beneath him.

“Hey, love, remember when you cut your finger a few weeks ago?” Louis asks, his voice uneven despite his attempts to breath regularly. “Remember how daddy sucked on your finger? Didn't that feel good?”

Harry scrunches his eyebrows.

“Want me to suck on your willy, daddy?”

Louis takes in a shaky breath, looking down at Harry hovering over his cock. He grabs the base of it, pointing it up at Harry's mouth.

“Yeah, baby,” he says, guiding Harry's head down until his lips are resting on the tip of his cock. “Yeah, suck on it a little bit. Bet that'll make it feel better.”

Harry parts his lips curiously as Louis pushes between them, licking his tongue against the end. Louis moans lowly as Harry wraps his lips around it properly, sucking on just the tip.

“God,” Louis pants, feeling on the verge of tears. “That's it, make daddy feel better. So good.”

Harry looks up at Louis as he sucks, his lips stretched wide over the head, and Louis can't wait any longer. He moves his hand along his length slowly as Harry's tongue laps over his slit.

“Keep sucking, just like that,” Louis instructs, speeding up his hand. “Don't stop, baby, daddy's gonna feel so good in a minute.”

Harry squints up at him, confused, as Louis wanks himself quickly, holding Harry's head in place with his other hand.

“Such a good doctor, love, fixing daddy's boo-boo so well,” Louis moans, pulling Harry down an inch or so on his cock, fighting the urge to fuck up into his little mouth.

Instead, he lets his hand bring him over the edge, stroking himself until it hits him. He throws his head back as he comes hard into his baby's mouth, holding Harry's head down to make sure he doesn't pull off too soon.

The boy sputters as his mouth is filled with hot liquid and it spills out of the corners of his mouth, covering Louis' cock as he strokes himself empty, letting the intense feeling roll through his body until he's finished. He finally drops his hand and lifts his head to look down at the boy still on his cock.

Harry's eyes are huge in surprise and maybe even disgust at the hot come dripping from his mouth, but Louis holds him steady, letting his cock twitch against Harry's tongue as he comes down.

“Just a second, baby,” Louis says when Harry tries to pull off. “Let daddy get soft in that mouth.”

As his cock slowly shrinks, Harry's wide eyes light up a bit, like he's pleased with himself for making the swelling go down. Louis smiles down at him.

“You fixed daddy's little problem, didn't you?” Louis says, finally pulling out of Harry's mouth. “Made it all better.”

Harry actually giggles, come dripping down his chin, smiling brightly up at Louis.

“I'm really good at being doctor, huh daddy?” He says happily.

Louis laughs deliriously, pulling Harry up to lay next to him. He grabs a tissue from his nightstand and wipes Harry's chin clean, beaming down at his son.

“Best doctor,” he agrees, kissing his newly clean lips lightly.

Harry hugs him as Louis wipes the come from his dick, then throws the tissue next to the bed.

“Can we play that game again sometime?”

Louis squeezes him close, his eyelids feeling heavy.

“Did you have fun?”

“Yeah,” Harry nods enthusiastically. “I like making you feel better when you're hurt.”

Louis decides to push it further, raking his hand through the boy's curls.

“Did you like sucking on daddy down there, baby?”

Harry appears to think hard for a moment before answering.

“I think so, yeah.”

Louis sighs, smiling happily as Harry suddenly climbs on top of him again.

“We can do that again sometime. Only if you want to.”

He tickles Harry lazily, dancing his fingers over Harry's sides as the boy giggles above him. As Harry giggles, wriggling around on top of him, Louis lets his hands wander to his little boy's bum, tickling him there, too. Harry laughs and Louis dips his fingers under the boy's briefs, tickling the soft skin of his arse, focusing in on his little hole, tickling his fingers over the puckered skin.

“Daddy!” Harry chastises. “Why are you touching my bum? That's private!”

Louis laughs, letting his fingers glide over the hole again and wishing he could get his cock in there. His boy's still young, though, still so small, and Louis' sure it would tear him up. He couldn't do that to him, but this he can do. He can touch and tickle and play with his baby.

“Just checking to make sure you're not hurt, love,” Louis says, grinning, as his finger rubs against Harry's hole more firmly. “You know, like you did with me.”

“I don't think I'm hurt there,” Harry says, his face screwed up in an odd expression as Louis massages his entrance.

“You sure? Sure you don't need me to kiss you better here?”

Harry shakes his head quickly, looking more confused than anything and Louis smiles, kissing the boy's cheek.

“Why don't you let me look, hm? Let daddy make sure your sweet bum doesn't need some kisses?”

Harry doesn't answer, just makes a funny face as Louis continues to play with his little hole and Louis takes that as a yes, sitting up. He nudges at Harry's hip, scooting him off his lap.

“Get on your hands and knees for me, okay?”

Harry's head whips around, a frightened look in his eyes.

“You're not going to spank me, right, daddy?”

And it takes Louis a confused moment to realize that the only time Harry's been asked to get on his hands and knees, it's been for spankings. His chest squeezes and he leans forward, kissing his boy's forehead.

“Of course not, baby. No spanking, just kisses.”

Harry calms a bit at that and gets into position for him, still obviously nervous. Louis drags the boy's briefs down slowly, revealing the porcelain skin of his perky little bum. Louis' breathing gets tight as he pulls the briefs down to Harry's knees and Harry turns his head back to look at Louis.

“Does my bum look okay, daddy?”

Louis smiles a bit, in a haze, and he licks his lips, pulling the boy's soft arse cheeks apart. Does it look okay? Fuck, he thinks, there aren't even words for how beautiful it is.

“I think so, but it's a little pink, baby,” he says, his mouth feeling dry. “Gonna give you some kisses just in case. Just relax.”

Harry huffs, dropping his head back down and Louis smiles, dragging a thumb over the puckered hole on display for him. He trails the touch with his tongue, leaning in and swiping the tip of his tongue across the area, feeling his boy quiver beneath him. He places a soft kiss against the ring of muscle before he flicks his tongue out again, licking against the skin.

Soon, he's properly eating his son out, tongue wiggling inside him and flicking quickly over the surface and Harry's making confused noises above him, squirming at the odd sensation.

“Daddy, why are you- ah!- why are you licking me-” he gasps out, little hips in constant movement as Louis tries to keep them still.

“Does it feel good?” Louis asks, voice muffled by his son's arse cheeks.

“It's weird, daddy, I think-” Harry cries out a bit as Louis shoves his tongue in further while dropping a free hand to lightly graze his boy's tiny balls. “Daddy, I think my willy's hurt like yours.”

Louis smiles around his tongue poking into the boy's hole and he reaches around to feel that it is indeed hard. When his hand brushes against Harry's erection, the boy gasps again, bucking his hips. But Louis wants him to come just from his tongue, so he brings his hand back to Harry's arse, spreading him out again.

He moves his tongue quickly, alternating between diving inside and licking circles around the entrance and Harry releases a flurry of desperate noises before Louis feels it. His tongue is deep inside Harry when his body jerks, muscles spasming around his tongue and Harry cries out loudly. Louis stays inside, wiggling around until Harry's muscles relax and the boy falls forward against the bed, Louis' tongue slipping out as he smiles down at the boy.

“Daddy,” Harry breathes, sounding shaken. “What was that?”

Louis crawls up next to Harry, pulling him into his arms and letting Harry cling to his neck.

“Remember when you made me feel good by sucking on me? It was something like that.”

“Oh,” Harry says, nuzzling closer, wiggling half on top of him.

Louis feels it when Harry's knee bumps against his renewed erection and his groans at the contact, already wanting to feel more of his son.

“Oh,” Harry says, surprised, glancing down. “Daddy, I think you're hurt again.”

“Yeah, Harry, yeah,” Louis exhales, nodding. “You gonna be my good doctor again?”

Harry grins, nodding, and he shimmies down Louis' body as the older man drops his head back against the pillows with a happy sigh. He lifts his arms to push his hands under his head, relaxing as Harry gets his cock out and gives it a little kiss.

“You want me to suck on it like last time?” Harry asks, his curls messy and swept across his forehead.

“Mhmm, just like last time,” Louis agrees, spreading his legs as Harry settles in.

He watches as Harry fits his little lips around the head of Louis' cock, then lets his eyes fall shut, sinking into the feeling as Harry works his lips and his tongue as well as he can. He can't fit much in his mouth, but Louis is really quite impressed with how well he uses his tongue for such a young boy. He gives him some time, letting him get used to Louis in his mouth again before he looks down, reaching an arm out to stroke the boy's cheek fondly.

“Feels so good, love, got daddy so hard,” he murmurs, his son's sparkling green eyes lifting to meet his. “Here, give me your hand.”

Louis reaches out and Harry produces his right hand, his mouth never leaving Louis' cock. Louis takes the small hand and wraps it around his girth at the base, then begins guiding the fist up and down along his length.

“Like that, just keep moving that hand while you suck, okay?”

Harry hums an “mhmm” around him and Louis could pass out from how good it all is. The tiny hand stroking him, the tight lips stretched around him, the tongue sweeping over his slit, all of it.

“That's it,” Louis mutters, bringing his hand back up under his head. “That's it, make daddy feel better.”

It doesn't take long for the combined sensations to bring him right up to the edge, his breath ragged as he approaches his release.

“Little faster, baby, move that hand a little faster,” Louis asks tightly, panting beneath his son as the boy quickens his movements. “Oh god, yeah, god, stay on daddy's cock, okay? Daddy's gonna come, just like last time, let daddy come in that mouth.”

Within seconds, he is, gripping the pillow under his head hard as Harry strokes him through the orgasm, licking over the head as he shoots into his boy's mouth. His body pulsates with pleasure as he empties himself and, finally, he has to reach down and grab Harry's wrist to stop him, his dick too sensitive to go on. Harry pops his mouth off and Louis lets him this time, too wiped out to mind.

When he comes to his senses, he looks down to see Harry grinning again, with come on his chin again. He can't help but smile at the image and he pulls the small boy up next to him.

“I did it all by myself that time!” Harry says proudly.

Louis beams at him through his exhaustion and brings his fingers to the boy's hair to smooth out his curls.

“You did, love, you did such a good job. So proud of my little doctor.”

He leans forward and kisses Harry's nose, the younger boy giggling, a smear of come still staining his chin. Louis just looks, just takes in the boy's beauty, sighing to himself.

And, actually, Louis thinks that maybe he'll be “hurt” quite a lot in the near future. Luckily, he knows just how to fix it.

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