One Direction Imagines


2. He finds out you can sing

He finds out you can sing

Niall: You were doing laundry while Niall and the guys where hanging in the living room. You went to you and Niall's room and noticed his guitar at the side of the bed. You set down the basket and picked up the guitar. You know how to play the guiar so you start strumming it. “I’ve tried playing it cool but when I’m looking at you I can’t ever be brave cos you make my heart race” you start to sing ‘one thing’ then Niall walked in. “Wow” “Oh sorry” you put down the guitar and picked up the laundry basket. “Don’t be babe your amazing I never knew you could sing” “Yeah..” “Come here” he gestured you to sit on his lap and held the guitar in his hand and you two played a song on the guitar together.

Zayn: You two where at a club and there was a competition about to begin. It was a pretty strange one too. If the spotlight gets hit on you you have to sing karaoke against another person. You and zayn where just dancing untill the dj said “Ok ok people time for our competition. You and zayn clapped while the spotlight went in zigzags all around the room. The spotlight landed you and the second one on Zayn. “Ok guys come up here”. You where nervous cause you never sing Infront of people. You and zayn climbed up on stage and the dj asks “ok what’s you names” he puts the microphone in you face.”(Y/N)” “and yours” he said putting the microphone in Zayns face. “Zayn” obviously this guy has never heard of one direction. “Ok ok Zayn, (Y/N) you ready” you and zayn nod your heads and music starts. It was ‘Dirty Little Secret’ by All-American Rejects. “Let me know that I've done wrong When I've known this all along

I go around a time or two Just to waste my time with you” zayn starts. “Tell me all that you've thrown away Find out games you don't wanna play You are the only one that needs to know” you sing looking nervously at Zayn who’s face looks amazed. Before you knew it the song was over and you did it. “Woahohoo” the dj said walking over to you and zayn. “I have to say this has to be a tie” he lifted you and Zayns hand together and you guys bowed. He handed you guys a thing for free drinks and you guys headed off stage. “What was that” he said smiling and looking at you. “what” “I never you could sing!"

Liam: You and Liam have only been boyfriend and girlfriend for 2 weeks and he still has no idea where you work. You work at a local cafe and you sing there as entertainment. It was time for you to go to your job so you head out to go there. Once you get there you sit on your stool and adjust the microphone stand. You start to strum your guitar and start to sing ‘Mean’ by Taylor Swift. Within halfway threw the song you notice a familiar brown haired boy walk in the cafe. It was Liam. You got really nervous cause you didn’t know if Liam thought you were good or not. Once you were done you went off stage and got a bottle of water. “Hey I didn’t know you worked here” Liam said walking towards you. “Yeah… Wa-was I good” you hesitated to ask. “Are you kidding me you were incredible!” “Thanks” you said blushing. “Now go back beautiful I want to hear you sing more”

Louis: You were in your collage dorm room listening to music and singing along with it but little did you know (Y/F/N) was peeping threw the doorway recording you the whole time. Once the music stopped you read a magazine and (Y/F/N) stopped recording and came in to your shared dorm. You had no idea that she taped you singing. “Hey” your friend said as she walked in ad got on to her laptop. “Hey” you said not getting your eyes off of the magazine. You friend was downloading the video in the computer. She emailed it to everyone including your boyfriend Louis. The email said ‘Its about time everyone should know how awesome (Y/N) can sing’ she sent it and within 5 minutes you got a call from Louis. “Hello” you answered. “Oh my gosh, (Y/N) I had no idea you could sing your great! How come you never told me!” “how do you know” you say all confused. “(Y/F/N) sent me an email.” “What?!” you drop your phone and run after (Y/F/N). “Why! Why!” you say once you nail her to the floor. “It’s time people know!” you moaned and let we go and pick up your phone. “You still there” you say to Louis. “Yeah but look your awesome seriously! We need to sing sometime together just me and you”

Harry: It was about 6pm and you were wiping up tables at you and Harry’s shared flat while he was at an interview. You had no idea when he was coming back home so you popped a Adele CD in your stereo. ‘Some one like you’ came on and you couldn’t resist to sing. “I wish nothing but the best for you” you sang along completely oblivious that Harry is standing at the doorway listening. You start to walk to the doorway to get to the cleaning supplies closet when you notice Harry and stop singing “AH, what are you doing here I thought you were supposed to be at an interview” “I forgot my phone and you are really good absolutely amazing” he says and kisses you on the lips

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