That Aussie (A Michael Clifford Fanfic)

Meet Jenn. She's depressed. To make it worse, her parents are constantly fighting with each other. The only thing that makes her happy is 5SOS. More like Michael Clifford. So what will happen when she accidentally stumbles upon him while walking to Starbucks?


1. Uhhhh…Hi?

Jenn's POV

I sat in my room. Alone. Great. I could hear my parents bickering downstairs. I heard a crash and my father yell something I couldn't understand. "This is enough." I mumbled to myself. I got dressed in some light wash skinny jeans, a black tank, 5SOS hoodie, and my galaxy vans. I brushed out my bright red hair and snuck out my window. Yay. A 3 mile walk.

I was walking when I heard screaming. Ah fangirls. Woohoo. But then I heard a voice I never thought I would. "Hey. Are you okay?" I looked up, trying not to fangirl. Standing in front of me was Michael Clifford. Michael fucking Clifford. Holy shit. "Oh. Uh yeah I'm fine." "Okay. But here's my number. Call me later, okay?" Holy shit. "Yeah. Yeah I will." "Good. Later." "Bye."

*skips Starbucks*

I arrived back home and guess what. My parents are still arguing. Ugh. I think I'm gonna call Michael. I took the slip of paper he wrote his number on, and got my iPhone.

(J=Jenn M=Michael)

J- Uh hi. It's Jenn. I met you earlier today.

M- I was wondering when you'd call. What's up?

J- Nothing much what about you?

M- Nothing. But uh what's with all the yelling?

J- Oh uh that's my parents. They've been arguing for the past week.

M- I'm not letting you stay there. Where do you live?

J- Um 1316 Jefferson Street.

M- Ill be there in 5. Pack your shit.

J- Yes sir.

I grabbed my galaxy print backpack and packed my clothes, phone charger, laptop, laptop charger, and toiletries. He arrived exactly 5 minutes later and knocked at my window. We walked to their tour bus.

A/N. Now I know what you're thinking. Another fanfic? Yes. Yes another fanfic. Well I've been havinG SO MANY MICHAEL FEELS. So uh yeah. Like comment fav and fan. Kbye

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