That Aussie (A Michael Clifford Fanfic)

Meet Jenn. She's depressed. To make it worse, her parents are constantly fighting with each other. The only thing that makes her happy is 5SOS. More like Michael Clifford. So what will happen when she accidentally stumbles upon him while walking to Starbucks?


2. Meeting The Band

Jenn's P.O.V

  We walked into the tour bus, and saw Luke, Calum, and Ashton sitting on the rather large couch for a tour bus. HOLY SHIT IM MEETING THEM. Que fangirling. Luke spoke, "Well, hello beautiful. Mikey, who's this?" "She's a fan. I met her earlier and gave her my number..." he looked at me and I nodded saying it was okay for him to continue. "she called me later and I heard yelling and it was her parents, I told her to pack her shit and went to get her." "Ohhh, why were your parents fighting?" Luke asked me. "I'm not sure. My earbuds were in and on full blast. But probably over something stupid, like usual." "Usual?" "Yep. Happens ever day." I say. That's when my phone goes off.. "Simmer down, simmer down they say were too young now to amount to anythi-" I answer, glaring at then for laughing. It was my dad. Oopsy?

D= dad

J= Jenn 

kay? kay


J= Narnia

D= Get your butt home now

J= You see, i would, but I have to go ride my lesbian unicorn to Afghanistan. 

D= Get home now, or you're grounded.

J= Well, then I guess I'm grounded. Kbye

and i hung up before he could say anything else. The guys mouths were open from shock. Guess who's phone was on speaker. Then Michael spoke. "You put up with that?" I shake my head and say "I'm normally at mah besties fangirling over you guys." "AW" they all said. "Oh, shut up." I then got up to go to the bathroom, then realizing I had no idea where it was. "Hey Mikey, where's the bathroom?" "Down the hall to your right." "Shank you." I went into the bathroom and that's when i got the text...


A/N HAHAHAHA CLIFF HANGER. DONT HATE ME I HAD TO. Okay so who is you guys fave boy? kbye


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