That Aussie (A Michael Clifford Fanfic)

Meet Jenn. She's depressed. To make it worse, her parents are constantly fighting with each other. The only thing that makes her happy is 5SOS. More like Michael Clifford. So what will happen when she accidentally stumbles upon him while walking to Starbucks?


3. Getting The Text

Michael's POV

     Jenn has been gone pretty long. I'm gonna go check on her. I walk down the hall, ignoring the guys asking where I'm going. I stop when I see the bathroom door open and Jenn staring at her phone. 


Jenn's POV

    I sat there, staring at the phone. It was a text, from my mom. It said "Hey sweetie, just wanted to let you know your father and I are getting a divorce. The court date is on June 4. We want you there. Stay strong, i love you." I reread the text, over and over again. I didn't realize I was crying, or Michael was standing in the doorway, until I heard him cough. I looked up instantly, tears rolling down my face. He walked over, and engulfed me in a hug. Neither of us spoke, the silence was bearable. We sat there, me crying in the small tour bus bathroom. He finally spoke, sayin "What's wrong, why are you crying?" So I showed him the text. He read it and looked at me. We stared at each other, that's when the boys awed. We both glared at them. They noticed my tear stained cheeks, and before they could ask anything, I blurted out "My parents.." They joined me and Mikey in our hug. So there I was, surrounded by 5SOS, in a small, tour bus bathroom


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