The Mysterious Melancholy of Lily Pottinger

Lilly, a young orphan gets the chance of a lifetime when she gets a job as a scullery maid in the O'Laery Mansion, but Lily is no ordinary child, strange things are happening all around her and they couldn't all be a coincidence. In this tale of melted chocolate, Magic and a mysterious locket, will Lily find the truth before the truth finds her? Read on to find out.
New chapter every Sunday.


11. Competition


Hiya my wonderful readers, sorry It took me so long to update, but anyway I have a competition for you all.

To get:

• 1st prize you must tell me what language 'Mama' speaks and translate the word 'Solas'

• 2nd prize you must translate 'Cosnoidh mè' and 'Eitlíonn tú'

• 3rd prize you must translate 'OSCAIL!'

You can only enter once and for EITHER 1st 2nd OR 3rd


• 1st, 2nd and 3rd: I will read, like and favourite a Movella of your choice and become your fan.

2nd and 1st: I will read like and favourite one of your Movellas as well as provide feedback on how to improve it (only suggestions, not ordering you to change things)

• 1st only: you can design a character for this story as well as all of the above

Just comment below to enter and I hope you enjoy my Movella, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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