The Mysterious Melancholy of Lily Pottinger

Lilly, a young orphan gets the chance of a lifetime when she gets a job as a scullery maid in the O'Laery Mansion, but Lily is no ordinary child, strange things are happening all around her and they couldn't all be a coincidence. In this tale of melted chocolate, Magic and a mysterious locket, will Lily find the truth before the truth finds her? Read on to find out.
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10. Chapter 9 : Who's Memories?

Chapter 9

Who's Memories?

"Raspberry Time!" I was being tickled by a beautiful women with curly brown locks down to her waist, crystal clear blue eyes and a loving smile

I wriggled and squirmed and laughed my head off and then she reached in and gave me a raspberry on my belly.

Everything was so perfect...

"LADY ELIZABETH, LADY ELIZABETH!!!" A panicked tough made with long black hair and olive green eyes came rushing in.

"Miriam! Whatever's the matter,"

"They're here ma'am, they're here!"

"Oh no they've found us!" Mama exclaimed

My father, who was sitting in the corner, suddenly stood up with a stern look on his face.

"You must hide her Ellie, she's not safe here any more,"

"Papa, what's wrong?" I questioned.

"Nothing dear, Daddy's just being silly. Now why don't we go and play 'Hide and go Seek',"

"Bang, Bang!!!"

"Ellie, you must go. NOW!" He pulled back the rug to reveal a silver ring bolted to the floor.

She lifted it, turned it and pulled. A twisted silver lever came out of the ground and it sparkled like diamonds, she tapped it three times, whispered something and yanked it back hard. Something clicked and suddenly 2 trap doors appeared, she pulled them open to reveal a stone staircase.

Mama took my hand and started to pull me towards the stairs

"Mimi!," I cried and Miriam came running after us.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs the trap door slammed shut behind us, we where plunged into cold, unforgiving darkness.

"Solas," all of a sudden mama was holding a warm, glowing, white candle stick, I could finally take in my surroundings.

I was a what looked like an old church hall, it was bare, cold and completely made of crumbling stone. There were cracked stone pillars that barely held up the roof, but other than that it was completely bare but still had an eery mysteriousness to it.

My mother walked over to one of the cold stone walls, hitched up her long flowing olive green dress and pulled a wooden stick, about a foot long, out of the back of her brown riding boots.

She tapped 13 different stones on the walls and muttered an odd word for each...

"Aon... Dó... Trí... Cesthair... Cúig... Sé... Seacht... Ocht... Naoi... Deich... Son Déag... Do Dhéag... Tri Déag" and on the thirteenth she waved her stick and with one great "OSCAIL!" There was a sudden screeching of stone against stone as the thirteen stones slid back to reveal a moss covered spiral staircase.

"Come on," my mother lifted me, hitched up her skirt and elegantly and swiftly ran up the stairs with her long flowing skirt bouncing behind her and Mimi following.

The stone wall screeched back into place just as we reached the top of the stairs.

At the top we found a green hedge that was as long as the eye could see one way and twice as long the other, it seemed to just fade away into the blackness.

Mama strode over to the green giant, set me down and pulled away some of the leaves, revealing an old oak door.

"Rhubarb and Custard," all of a sudden a shimmer of light flowed through the door and mama pushed it open.

Through the door it was like we where in a little square green room, about three metres wide, that was made of leaves. When you looked up you could see sunlight glistening through the tangled roof creating a pattern like stars and the soil beneath our feet.

My mother walked over to the far wall, put me down and pushed through the leaves, once she had completely disappeared she put out her hand and pulled me in with her and Mimi followed.

When we pushed through the wall we emerged from the metre thick hedge that ran along the back of Mamas big, white, wooden pavilion that stood next to the stables.

All of a sudden there was an agonising scream that came from the direction of the house, a single tear ran down Mama's cheeks and she gripped my hand.

"PAPA!!!" I squealed and tried to run towards the house but Mamas grip was too tight and she clamped her hand over my mouth.

Mimi was already on her strong white horse and my mother lifted me, struggling, on to the horse.

She handed me a letter and put her locket round my neck, clutching it she muttered, "Cosnoidh mè," then she went to the horse, stroked its head and ordered, "Eitlíonn tú,"

And we road off, quickly gathering speed and all of a sudden we lifted into the air. Leaving my home and tearful mother behind.

I looked over Mimi's shoulders and saw a horrific sight...

My fathers body was lying limp in Mama's arms and the was balling her eyes out. A man with a black cloak came round the corner and screamed something.

My mother flew back against the wall and let out and earsplitting, painful shriek. "MAMA!!" I screamed and all of a sudden I was back in the purple covered room, tangled up in bed clothes and soaked through with sweat, breathing heavily.

'It was only a dream, it was only a dream' I kept telling myself. But what if it wasn't, what if it happened, what if those where my real memories, but wait they can't be... Beatrice found me when I was a baby.

If they aren't my memories...

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