The Mysterious Melancholy of Lily Pottinger

Lilly, a young orphan gets the chance of a lifetime when she gets a job as a scullery maid in the O'Laery Mansion, but Lily is no ordinary child, strange things are happening all around her and they couldn't all be a coincidence. In this tale of melted chocolate, Magic and a mysterious locket, will Lily find the truth before the truth finds her? Read on to find out.
New chapter every Sunday.


7. Chapter 6 : OTT!

Chapter 6


"Here we are," I showed Madam through the door and she stood their gasping for air.

"My goodness, it's so very hot and stuffy in their," she exclaimed, "how can people stand to live in those conditions. It really is ghastly."

Now this lady was really starting to bug me, first of all she's been extremely rude to me the whole way here and now she has the nerve to call my home ghastly?

I could feel the rage build up inside of me like a spark quickly turning into a raging inferno 'hold it in Lily' I thought to myself 'just hold it all in' I was trying my best not to loose my temper, 'conceal it Lily, don't feel, don't feel, don't let it show,' I was doing great until...

"And those stables, ugh. I had to hold my breath when we passed,"

'Conceal, don't feel' I thought to myself over and over, 'conceal, don't feel, come on Lily.'

"Well I'm not surprised seeing the state of the rest of the place,"

Oh now she'd done it, I was about to explode.

"Ok so you have the Nerve to walk in here and be Rude to me when all I've been is Polite to you and Now you have The Nerve To Call MY HOUSE GHASTLY AND I WILL NOT STAD FOR IT," she stood and stared so I carried on, "I'm Sorry I Lost My Temper But I WILL Be Telling Rebekah About This And She WILL be TELLING her MOTHER!!!"

She was still staring but not at me this time, she was looking wide eyed above me.

I looked up and what I saw would scar my heart forever, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

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