The Mysterious Melancholy of Lily Pottinger

Lilly, a young orphan gets the chance of a lifetime when she gets a job as a scullery maid in the O'Laery Mansion, but Lily is no ordinary child, strange things are happening all around her and they couldn't all be a coincidence. In this tale of melted chocolate, Magic and a mysterious locket, will Lily find the truth before the truth finds her? Read on to find out.
New chapter every Sunday.


6. Chapter 5 : Madam Waterston

Chapter 5

Madam Waterston

"Finally" said a loud voice as I slipped through the cold black door, "I thought you would never come and I would be stuck here freezing to death."

"Sorry," I apologised.

"Oh don't worry," she replied, "well shall we go inside," she started heading for the door.

"WAIT!" I shouted

"I beg your pardon," she exclaimed in a disgusted tone.

"You can't go that way," I exclaimed, "We're, um... redecorating,"

"Oh, alright then, show me the way and hurry up with it, I'm absolutely freezing."

I started walking briskly, "How are you today?" I asked, trying to make polite conversation.

"Very well thank you," she replied

"I don't mean to be rude but I don't recall ever catching your name,"

"Mary Waterston, but you may call me Madam Waterston," she replied coldly.

"Oh, well I'm Lily Pottinger,"

"Nice to meet you then Lily,"

"Oh here we are," I exclaimed as I opened the plain white kitchen door.

The kitchen was hot and stuffy and full of steam but I liked it.

"'Ello Miss Lily, nice to see ya on 'is fine mor'in," It was Olaf the tall, jolly, old grounds keeper, "I see ya brough' a visi'or," he turned to face Madam, "Olaf's the name, I be the groun's keeper in these 'ere parts,"

"Yes, this is Madam Waterston,"

"Ma'am," Olaf tipped his tall top hat to Madam Waterston who replied with an awkward smile,"

"Hello, Lily," this time it was the chubby Cook Helen, who always wore a smile on her face that could cheer you up even on the darkest if days.

"Hey, Helen," I replied,

Then Charlie approached us, he was always in the kitchens, "Hey Lily-pop," he smiled, I smiled back but just waved him away as we slipped through the door."

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