The Mysterious Melancholy of Lily Pottinger

Lilly, a young orphan gets the chance of a lifetime when she gets a job as a scullery maid in the O'Laery Mansion, but Lily is no ordinary child, strange things are happening all around her and they couldn't all be a coincidence. In this tale of melted chocolate, Magic and a mysterious locket, will Lily find the truth before the truth finds her? Read on to find out.
New chapter every Sunday.


2. Chapter 1 : Rebekah

Chapter 1


"Lily, time to wake up,"

"5 minutes," I moaned

"LILY!" Wait a moment, I know that voice.

"REBEKAH!" My eyes flew open. Yes it was definitely her. I flung my arms round her neck.

"Still sleeping on the job I see," I looked around to realise I had fallen asleep in the stables.

"Oops," we both burst out laughing.

"Why aren't you at the mansion? You weren't supposed to come home until Boxing Day." I questioned.

"Actually mother sent me to choose a new scullery maid,"

I looked her up and down for the first time. She was wearing a pale yellow frock that flowed down to her knees and bounced when she walked, it had her name embroidered into the pink flowers on her crisp white collar.

Her soft brown curls had been brushed back to reveal her freckly face and around her neck hung the dainty, silver locket that her mother had given her when she had fallen ill.

Rebekah was the very first girl (other than me of course) to come to the orphanage and we've been best friends ever since. Her mother fell ill when she was a baby and wasn't able to care for her so she ended up here. Recently her mother Lady O'Laery became well again and took Rebekah back into her care. So of a course I'm ecstatic to know that I might just get a job in Rebekah's mansion!!!

"What's this about a scullery maid?" I asked

My Mother sent me to tell Madam Beatrice that she is looking for a new maid and will be here at 12 noon sharp and to have all of your 12 year old girls looking tidy and respectable."

"That only gives me an hour to get ready" I exclaimed

"Well you better get started then," Rebekah hugged me goodbye and I ran to my room to brush the hay out of my hair and put on a clean dress.

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