The Lovely Month

Haley is on her way to New York, with her best friend Kaleigh for a whole month. Although, she doesn't know she is going to find somebody special. The love of her life.


1. The worst day of my life

                                     Haley's P.O.V

I awoke with the sound of his voice I don't know who's but his. I lay there staring at the ceiling wondering what should I do go or stay home. "Go" I said to myself. I can't not go I haven't seen her sence she became a model, and I miss her so much and I cant back out now. She has already been expecting me for about two weeks how could I back out now. "Haley are you ready we have to leave soon," said my mum. I jumped out of bed. I quickly ran down stairs and all I see is my fag ass brother slurping down pancakes.

"Mum can we leave yet?" I asked.    

"No!" She replied. 

"Why not?" I asked.

          "Because you haven't ate yet." She replied back.

       "I can eat later mum." I had replied.

   "lets go then." She said.

     On our way to the airport I dreamed I was with him. I don't know who he is though.

     As we got to the airport parking lot my mum said, "Do you want me to come in with you?"

I said, "no mum but thank you I love you will call you when I get there."

"I love you to baby girl." 

I just got on the plane when she texted.

Mum: Are you on the plane now honey?

Me: Yes mom I am I love you gtg <3 call you when I get there.

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