The Lovely Month

Haley is on her way to New York, with her best friend Kaleigh for a whole month. Although, she doesn't know she is going to find somebody special. The love of her life.


3. Finally!

Haley's P.O.V

I finally got off that crowded ass plane everyone is just so nasty (I hate people very badly). I got in to the airport it was so stuffy in there too. I see a man holding a white piece of paper that said "Haley Alexis." I walked up to him and said "that is me, I am Haley." Then he said "lets go ma'am."  Ma'am I am only sixteen, I thought to myself. I got outside to the parking lot and he opens the door to a limo. "Am I suppose to get in there?" I ask. "What do you not like to ride in limo's?" He asked. "oh I've never been in one!"  "Would you like to ride in one now?" He asked. "Sure" I replied. The limo was amazing and it was huge. I got to this apartment type building. I went into the building and saw Kaleigh. "OH MY GOD KALEIGH !" I yelled. We ran up and hugged each other. I got into her apartment and my jaw DROPPED. "This is where you live?" I said. "Yep let me show you to your room." she said while pointing down the hall. My room is huge and purple!! (that's my favorite color) "Kaleigh no this is too much. I don't need a big ass room really."                    

    "Yes you do! Your gonna be here for a month."

  "Kaleigh I've missed you so much this is going to be the best month ever!"

  "I know!" she squealed. "I have a surprise for you!"

Not another one I thought, but I just smiled. We walked into the den where my favorite band was! "ONE DIRECTION! OMG KALEIGH YOU KNOW THEM?" 

  "Yep, Haley this is Ni..."

"I know who they are! They just don't know me!"

"Guys this is Haley." 

I got a lot of hey Haley's and nice to meet you.

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