The Sorting Ceremony

Priya is a muggle who always had intrest in magic. She also knew that there was a magic school that she could very easily go to. Will she be able to fulfill her dream? Read more to find out!


1. The Dream

     I was sleeping in my bed on a snowy Friday and I was dreaming of getting accepted at a humongous and very famous magic school and being friends with Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and the very famous Harry Potter. I thought I was dreaming when I heard a rustle at the window but it was actually in real life. When I went to see what it was, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had seen the actual flying car really want to know……. Hermione, Harry, Ron, Fred, George, and Ginny . They all told me to pack my things and get into the car. I did as I was told and jumped in the famous car. I instantly from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and in it, do you fell asleep as I had just woke up at midnight and was very sleepy.

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