Playing With Death

Just a poem.
A poem with meaning.
A poem that means something to me.
A poem.
Just a Poem.


1. Playing With Death

Playing With Death

She was alone

She was hurt

She was hated

She was neglected

She was depressed

It is these things that lead her to play with death.

She walks alone

She keeps her head high,despite everything.

She keeps arms and her sides and legs evenly apart.

She walks with a pride

No one will ever know why.

Only herself.

And she did know

These are her last steps

Last breaths

Last looks

Last words

Last movements

How she wants to be remembered

And as she approaches the 'suicide' tree her feelings are mixed


But she dosen't stop.

She places her letters on the lowest branch

She climbs and places her chin on the rope

Taking in her last breath,she let's go.


She opens her eyes.

She isn't in heaven nor hell

But lay in the arms

Of a hidden face.


A dark face

One that is unreadable

One that is hiding hurt.

She stares and struggles

Death lets go

She falls




She's flying




A whip of air may carry her

And she sights him


A coy smile

An our stretched hand

A cold touch

She smiles

She smiles

She smiles

For the first time

In an era

A evil smile

A evil smile

A evil smile

A scary one

Death and her


Watch for her

Pray for her

That girl

Who plays with Death.

That girl who was alone

Who was hurt

Who was hated

Who was neglected

Who was depressed

Who keep her head high

And walked with pride

Who took her last steps

Last breathes

Last looks

Last words

Last movements

Who was lead to death

Who was led to a life

Not worth living.

The girl who plays with death.

~Morgan W.

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