Angel - City of Fear

City of: Book 1. Doyle didn't have much with him, even after death. If he even decided to make something else as a neat reminder of him it probably would have been gone in a night. An Irish, half-bred demon who received visions from The Powers That Be. Angel and Cordelia had made a private investigation agency thanks to him; "Angel Investigations: We help the helpless". But one night, one night is what changes his fate and his path to redemption. It began with a chase. And ended in the way Doyle didn't expect...nor did Angel.

(Second Angel Fanfiction on Wattpad, posted 3.2.2014)

(Completed 6.4.2014)

(Cover by EKShortstories)


2. Angel I was attacked and this is Demonic

The morning after the gruesome discovery of Demonic's late mother went by pretty quick.Kate identified the markings on Demonic's mother's neck as "Some sickos making vampires seem more gross". Angel didn't bother being there. Doyle, of course, had to be there for questioning. Demonic was safely spending time in some officer's custody.

  Kate preferred to have the meeting at her desk.

      "What's dah mother’s name?" Doyle asks first, before Kate could start.

   "Cathrine D. Rainwater."

   Kate covered her mouth suddenly. She looks at Doyle accusingly as if he had cologne on him.

 Doyle shrugs.

"Nope." Doyle said, with a laugh. "Don't have any on."

"You saw the killers." Kate takes out a pen and paper. "What did they look like?"

I didn't see their human faces, Doyle thought, but I can describe their hair.

"Silver, smooth hair that is not receding..." Doyle tells her to his best ability. Kate slowly looks up from the paper as he went on his big smart-cookie act,"Crazy faces, big ears, and oh, the second one had dumbo eyes.”

Kate sets her pen down on the desk, still holding the paper.

"You didn't see their faces." Kate acknowledges, having a rage-quit.

Doyle folds his arms.

"I saw teir hair." Doyle leans back in the chair.

Kate impatiently combs through her hair.

"How many were there?" Kate puts both hands on her paper.

I killed the third one, Doyle reminds himself, and I threatened those younger boys.

"Two." Doyle then shudders. "It was dah most..." As a half-demon who works for Angel Investigations...That had to be the worst thing I've seen yet. "Awful scene." Doyle shook his head, "Poor kid didn't know what was happening ta his mom."

Kate raises an eyebrow, ”How did you find the boy?"

"Don't call him, 'The boy'," Doyle told Kate, his eyebrows hunched together in annoyance. Kate is one of those 'good'  officers who may get insensitive at times.  "He has a name: Demonic. Don't treat a victim's child as: 'dah kid',dah girl','dah boy'. Ya lose steam at dat point."

Doyle sighs.

"I was chased  old friend." Doyle  clasps his hands together, "And ten I kind of barged inta dah room and crashed inta a cabinet. I'm pretty sure the door slammed shut behind me.  Ya can't defy high velocity and force, correct?"

  Kate rubs her temples slowly.

"Correct." She sighs, agitated.

Satisfied, Doyle continued.

"I got up, and ten I heard him say: 'Mommy? Daddy? Is that really ya?'." Doyle got pretty choked up on that part. If his mom is a Werewolf.....Big Daddy could be around somewhere. He can feel there had to be something about Demonic's dad, aside to his mom being the Werewolf in the relationship. A father would have good intentions not to leave Big Momma with their child. "He was standing in dah hallway."

   Kate taps her chin.

“If he knew his mom was already home, why did he ask if you were his mommy?” Kate asks, raising two eyebrows.

   Doyle shrugs.

“When a kid is scared…..Tey ask for teir parents.”  Doyle tells her, glancing over to the side just in time to see a detective handcuff a prostitute to a chair. “And dose handcuffs…dere’s a big flaw with dose handcuffs; ya know dat a small person can out of tem?”

Kate tilts her head.

"Are you sure about not being chased for your wine?" Kate asks, a little curious on his running part.

Doyle looks at Kate, giving her his 'I-am-real-sure' face.

"Dose two guys did have angel and spider tattoos." Doyle adds, tapping the arm of the chair.  "I don't forget an awful tattoo."


Visiting the police station was only the first thing to begin Doyle's day.  He learned Demonic did not have many relatives around to take care of him; they didn't want to have a half-breed werewolf living in their house. So Doyle, true to his word, took Demonic in. However, he had to find Demonic's dad first. Demonic needed his biological father the most.

  “Another Demon attempted to kill you?” Angel questioned, half-listening his friend. He wasn't at all surprised that Doyle was becoming a Demon magnet. His attention was more focused on the pencil he was spinning on his desk (As though Angel is attempting to break some spinning record).

    Doyle and Cordelia joining this 'Special' agency did help Angel’s cause. Their individual skill sets helped immensely in situations many different times. Even though he didn't show it, Angel did appreciate their work.

 Doyle paces back and forth.

“Yes.” Doyle said, slightly waving his right hand.  “Do ya happen ta…know where kids like ta be cheered up?”

Angel’s glance changes from his focused pencil spinning on the desk to Doyle.

 “Doyle, you’ve been out there longer than I.” Angel reminds him. “I have disagreements with the sun.”

 Doyle puts both his hands on the chair in front of Angel's desk.

 "Angel, I got attacked and--" The door behind Doyle closes.

  Angel saw this little boy with these particular eyes. He can smell a half breed werewolf when it came. This is one of those instances where his abilities kicked in. Being a Vampire not only means he can drink pig blood, live forever, and be unable to age physically.......It may also mean that Angel might be one of the only kind heroes out there, even to children.

"This is Demonic." Doyle finishes, tapping his fingers on the chair. "He's half Werewolf."

   Demonic is twirling a small, little pen with feathers attached to its sides.

 "Do you know where my Daddy is?" Demonic asks, his eyes stray from the gray pen to Angel.

"No, but mom must have been desperate for an 'original' name.' Angel said, sharing a chuckle with Doyle.

"What does original mean?" Demonic asks, curiously

. "New and different like my friend Angel here," Doyle refers to Angel.

"Anyway Demonic, besides your mom.....not telling you about your dad," Angel  leans forward in his chair."Was there a name your living relatives mentioned a lot, like 'This is insert-names' kid."

Demonic twirls his pen in thought.

"H-Killer." Doyle has knowledge in these kind of things. Angel knew he could ask him about it. "Doyle, what's an H-Killer?" Doyle is just standing there, like he just remembered something.

"Doyle," Angel repeats, seeing that look in his eye. Angel snaps his fingers.

"Ya sure about that name, Demonic?" Doyle asks Demonic suddenly, a bit concerned. Demonic nods.  

"Angel, H-Killer is..." Doyle had to stop there, figuring out how to explain this in a simple way. "Dats not his dad's name. That's just the word for ’Ya are dead'--or soon ta be. It's like...Death on a waiting list."

Angel is lost.  Doyle turns around and opens the door in Angel's office.

"Cordelia, what movie did H-killer come from?" Cordelia had been busy reading a book, but Doyle just interrupted her.

" 'The Demon Seeker' by Harry Ellen Ford." Cordelia shouts. "You just interrupted me on the best  part of this book! I have an audition to be..." Doyle shuts the door as Cordelia continues on her rant.

"What does a movie have to do with Demonic?" Angel asks Doyle.

"Everything, Angel. Harry is the one who revealed information about demons we don't know of (things even a vampire would not like)before the movie." Doyle turns his attention back to Demonic. "Ya may want to wait outside the room, Demonic."   Demonic walks out through the door, letting it close behind him.  

Cordelia puts down her book, expecting Doyle to come out instead of Demonic.

"Doyle,do you realize how far I was getting into character?" Cordelia is going off. "I was this close--oh, You are?..."

Demonic sniffs her.

"Demonic." Cordelia yelps and grabs a broom, in defense.

"You can't be a demon," Cordelia said, in her own defense. What were they thinking? Cordelia thought,I may have a ghost in my house. But seriously? Cordelia aims the broom at him. "Stop sniffing me!"

Demonic stares at her.

"That's... my name," Demonic takes a step back from her. He senses something about her. My hero likes her. Demonic deduces from the smell. Her house must be really clean, too."Demonic. Mommy told me I'm part Werewolf."  

Cordelia puts down the broom.

"Oh." Cordelia gives a slight laugh. "My mistake."

  Demonic sits on the couch.

"So...How did she know?" Cordelia asks, a little intrigued with the small Werewolf boy, Demonic. "About the werewolf part."

  Demonic smiles, looking up at her.

"Mommy was a werewolf." Demonic looks down to his fingers. "Last year people broke into our home. Mommy went Werewolf on them. Another came to my room...I gave that creepy one several scars on his face.”   

Demonic demonstrates his ability to partially become Werewolf; His fingernails become sharper, fur grew up on his arms, and his ears became the shape of wolf-pup ears.

  "You look adorable in your half werewolf form." Cordelia cooed. "...Did you get it from your mom?" Demonic shrugs. "Mommy's dad said I had H-Killer's nose. I have her eyes."

  Demonic sets the pen down to the side. 

"I miss my mommy." Cordelia hugs Demonic, feeling sorry for him.

"Thank you.." Demonic sniffles, returning to his human form.  

Cordelia broke the hug.

"What happened to your mother?" Cordelia asked, actually interested. Demonic sadly looks down to the floor beneath his feet.

"Vampires killed her."


"I never met him."

Cordelia is a little taken back, hearing  Demonic's situation.

"But Doyle, he killed mommys killers!" Demonic cheerfully said, he is in the most happiest moods today.  "One of Mommy's killers, I mean." Demonic shrugs. "And he threatened them too."

Cordelia is even more surprised.

  "He threatened them?" Cordelia repeats, far more surprised that Doyle was actually growing a backbone for once. Demonic nods.

"Uh huh." Demonic continues. His eyes shine the way a kid looks up to some person who did something good.  "He...He is my hero."

I wonder how Doyle found him, Cordelia  thinks.

  "You are lucky he found you," Cordelia explains to him."Even if it was an accident."

  Demonic picks up his pen.

"You think so?"

Cordelia nods.

"He has visions from The Powers That Be, and I'm sure if he was told to help you,"  Cordelia takes a notepad and pen. She quickly draws a doodle, then shows it to Demonic. "He'll reunite you with your dad. Doyle may not be the best person, but he does keep his word."  

    The doodle has two stick figures; one is a tall stick figure hugging a wolf-like short figure beside a house.   Cordelia rips the paper off, and then gives it to Demonic.

"Daddy........" Demonic looks up to Cordelia with tearful eyes. "Thank you for the hope, Miss....?"

"Cordelia." Demonic hears his name being called from Angel's office, so he got up and went back into the room.

"Doyle, I wish you told me about this in the beginning." Angel stated in a concerned  voice. He is not scared about what Doyle told him.  

Demonic's eyes shine.

"Finding my Daddy?" Demonic turns his attention to Angel looking at him with hopeful eyes. Doyle gives Angel the 'please help us' look.

"No, that will be Doyle's mission." Angel tells Demonic. He shares a glance with Doyle. "You found Demonic, Doyle. You can take care of yourself. Just send me  e-mails for visions that are not pertaining to your case along the way."  

That's a good point, Doyle thought, but...

"What if there are vampires?" Doyle asks, a bit worried about it.

 Angel laughs. "You have weapons, Doyle." Angel reassures. "I trust you know how to use them." Angel chuckles. "I know you can handle this one."

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