This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

This is Crazy: Book 1. I have seen all three movies, Transformers movies. A Transformer, in the fandom of Transfans, means gigantic alien machines that can scan vehicles and become them, hence, becoming Robots in Disguise. They are not the powerboxes that you see on the poles. They have sparks, which generate their personality and life being extremely vital to living itself. And then there's the Allspark, the cube. I have seen the first movie several times directed by Micheal Bay, the worst director ever. Why? I'll get to that, as soon as this Dark of The Moon is about to end.


55. Dotm: Blast off

I saw what remained of my OC's. All of whom I had created were standing there across from the space bridge. The purple, glowing aura ball is spread out. Wolfnight, the one and only werewolf mysterious Cybertronian I ever made, was helped by two decepticons. One, I believe  Agubee  (Yes, Agumon and Bumblebee combined into a albino Transformers Animated character) and Mysterious were helping him across.This black and teal cybertronian with pink optics came to me.

No, I really mean it. I can  see color but that's definitely a  'WHAT-DAH-HELL' kind of thing.

 "Who...are ya?" I ask this old, odd Cybertroian.

The old, odd Cybertron smiles.

 "V."  The old, odd Cybertronian Pink optics said.

 Maybe I should call him V as he said.

 "What does the V stand for?" I ask. This made me wonder why; why in the world would I name a character 'V'?

 "You don't need to know." V said in a low voice. He has this smile I would usually associate to Avenger. My really, poor tortured OC.  "But we'll meet again.." He touches my forehelm. "In your mind.I am always there."

  The two Decepticons help V into the portal.

 "Well...that was odd." I shrug my shoulders.

Megatron  turns his helm towards me.

"Why do you create so many mechs?" Megatron asks, dumb-founded by the passing mechs.

I shrug.

 "I had a lot of free time." 

 "You are smiling; that's a lie."

"Okay okay okay; I started creating these mechs when I was 12 going on 13 or 13 going on 14."


 "Most girls my age get attracted to hot, evil dark mechs." I blurt.  I can see Megatron looking quite confused. "Some girls fall for the most quirky, loveable heroes; such as Optimus, Bumblebee, Prowl, Ratchet, and oh,Bulkhead, They had big fandoms....Okay; maybe not as much for Ratchet, but they definitely did!"

 "You sound like an expert."

 I laugh.

 "Ya talking to an Transformer Fan," I punched his shoulder. "Who became a legend!"

 Argumentatively; I'm a legend in this world and in my reality. Once in awhile a fandom needs a legendary figure to rise up. Sometimes this legend has it's flaws, often times it takes  a long time for this legend to make its mark.  Megatron knows what is the advantage of being a legend far too well.

Megatron, however, he's dealt with the 'you-are-bad!' legend in real life.

 "You've been in wars?"  Megatron asks.

My legend involves the internet.

 "Uh no," I pat his shoulder. "I'll....explain to ya later about that."

An average Transfan could look at his still operational optics and figure Megatron has a question.

 "Rob, I've had a burning question since we met; what's with the Irish accent?"

I smile.

 "I don't have one." I wave my  right servo, as some other strange-eerily looking Cybertronians pass by.  Maybe I had been around Irish people too long. Ya know some people can just rub off on another. Not like inspiration but ya know make the rock more interesting. 

"You sound like you have one, Rob."

    Ya can say that  when you are writing yaself, ya get puzzled in how to decide 'Should write 'you' as how I say it?'. Sometimes I get to that problem as well. And sometimes; I come to a question 'should I write What the as What dah? I want to do that but...grammar.'  I wonder how Megatron's been able to understand my strange, odd 'accent'.

 "I just...speak too fast."


This gigantic, T-Rex like being with a needle like arm coming towards the portal.

"What about him?"

It's been years since I last saw him.

"I got interested in characters who experiment."

-------------------- ----------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

Leveraging the Autobots was easy.  Seeing  how betrayed Optimus looked when Sentinel showed his true colors was priceless. I didn't see Wheelie at all; Strangely. But the thing is that there were few Autobots left.  Lexi told me  there was going to be a sudden pocket of Autobots that would appear in the 4th movie or in the 3rd. Jeeze she was so indescive about that.

"Starscream, order the seekers to destroy it." Megatron said, over the comnlink.

 Wait...this is where it all began technically in my universe. The scene where I was transported into the Bayverse.

"Rob, what is it?" Megatron puts a servo on my shoulder.

I look  up towards him.


I never seen this 'You are lying' radiate in Megatron's optics before.

 "That's a lie."  Megatron said, as it were a fact. 

So this means I was smiling at that point.

 "This scene is where I came in..." I whisper, in a low voice.

I felt so small again, like a human. Only I am not watching it in the theatre. I am right there.


The Rocketship exploded in a black and red cloud. I can  feel a certain shock wave ripple away from the explosion. Oh my Primus I just got another idea except it's like the Shattered Glass version of TFA season 4's resolution and this possible battle in Chicago. I don't know where this is coming from. But it could have sent  a human to the ground and then have some allspark fragment dug into their wrist.

Micheal Bay can't beat that explosion, nor would he ever.

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