This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

This is Crazy: Book 1. I have seen all three movies, Transformers movies. A Transformer, in the fandom of Transfans, means gigantic alien machines that can scan vehicles and become them, hence, becoming Robots in Disguise. They are not the powerboxes that you see on the poles. They have sparks, which generate their personality and life being extremely vital to living itself. And then there's the Allspark, the cube. I have seen the first movie several times directed by Micheal Bay, the worst director ever. Why? I'll get to that, as soon as this Dark of The Moon is about to end.


26. Bad to the bone

September 15th 2008

            “You may kill the girl, on Velocitron.” The Fallen’s words rang through the Farmer’s helmet. He understood all too well about what Ivy brought to them and what disaster she could become in less than months towards them all. Knowing they can take her down without a problem made him be sloppy, and absurdly obvious that something had been implemented into his body. Something that affected him:  mentally with extreme power.

            He didn’t figure Ivy’s rants about this ‘Veloctron’ could be matter in fact, true.

            "Ivy, do you know what emotional bonding is?"  Starscream reluctantly asks the human.

             Ivy's eyes didn't become large but remained their small size.

            "Sharing time together?" Ivy repeated. "Yep I do, there's so many things in humanity such as Father and Daughter/father and son bonding time."

            Starscream's sigh is heard.

          "You are not aware about this," He said, "This requires spark to spark touch. Emotionally."

            "Ewwww." Ivy makes a digusted look, pinching her nose. "Why are you telling me this?"

        Torturer flew by.  "Perfect, just what I wanted to capture on camera." The mech comments  sounding as if he's really sayin 'Perfect, I got a capture camera on my hood' rather then what it had been meant to be. Several other jets flew on by so Starscream powered on his jetboosters flying over the city-street like lamps that casted rounded bleak lights to the floor.

     "Because there is so feww things that a fan can even know," Starscream gently said, "It's stringless. There's no's sparkings attached."

            “Override’s on this planet!” Ivy squeals, “She’s awesome in the league of extroindary femme’s!”

            Starscream covered his Audios. “Whatever you say,” Starscream grumbles, “Now get off my wings or annoy torturer!” Ivy stuck her tongue out at the annoying second in command Decepticon. It seems apparent they both disagreed on some topics including a few other things.

            “Nah, he messes with logic too much.”  She replied, her arms wrapped over to the edge of the seeker’s gigantic wing blades. Her eyes wondered off towards the Farmer a little wary as if her mind had some doubts about the supposedly crazy Decepticon who spoke the ancient form of Cybertronian language.

            They are hovering above the masses of racing-streets complete in gigantic lamp-lights casting a pool of light on the concrete

            “….Why does Megatron hate this planet so much again?” Ivy curiously asks, her eyes wide in wonder. “I couldn’t get him to come even with leverage on my shoulders,” Ivy rolls her eyes. “What a mugwump.” Her voice is tainted in annoyance, a rare thing to see from her.

            “He lost a race,” A Decepticon zipped right past the two rushing towards the street-racing like structure built from the ground up. “And he wasn’t even that prepared for it!  I don’t understand why anyCon can’t believe a ‘coward’ claiming to be the best lost in his own game, not a surprise when it’s Megatron.”

            Ivy’s face becomes a faint red.

            “Starscream, I’m sorry,” Ivy dug her hands into some flight controls attached to his wings. For there she made him swirl into his jet mode—“But, that is the worst-worderd-insult-in-the-fandom-of-TRANSFANS!” The seeker shrieks as Ivy’s hands guided his laser blasters right at the Decepticons’ cocktail. “TAKE THIS YOU BIG INSULTIVE SLIMEY TRAACCTTOORR!”

            Blam blam blma blma blam…

            “Ivvvyy you are making me dizzy!” Starscream complains. “Aand—oohoh-hohhhhho—aaaaahhh.” Ivy’s hands had somehow landed onto his seeker wing muscles-contracttions.  “A little more hard-er—aaah—ooohh—wooaaah.”

            Ivy gets a disgusted look.

            “Ewww!” She hit the eject button. And there she flew in the air, “Weeee!” Ivy flaps her arms. “I’m PETRIIEEE!” The Decepticons shared a conversation among them briefly arguing who should get the crazy girl first and get the clean up when they return to Cybertron.The Porcupine Decepticon swooped in and grabbed Ivy before she hit the floor or the vehicles that could have ran her over.

            Then he dips himself downwards towards the highway.

            “Life is a higgghhwaaay and I wanna ride it, all night long!” Ivy sang, “Eeek, I love this music I discovered back in 2009 with; Bumblebee/Naruto-Gotta be somebody, Brothers featuring Wasp and Bumblebee, Gotta go my own way-Sari’s departing, and that awesome Transformers song from 2007!”

            The Porcupine Decepticon transforms into his robot mode, holding Ivy in his rather gigantic-bulky servo. The other Decepticon who’s among the group of nine seekers still in the air, went ahead and asks; “When’s Megatron going to be here?”

            “When we get the threat neutralized.” Comes Starscream’s reply from above. “Everyone forget what Ivy just did to me. It’s nothing to tell or speak about.” Apparently Starscream had been flattered about this moment since really nobody knew to control a seeker there’s the systems-direction compartment somewhere in the middle of the wings that have tough steel harder than granite. Ivy had somehow gotten strength to rip it right out.


            The Porcupine Deception ducks into a large sidewalk area as racers speed by.

            “Oh!” Ivy squeals. “OVERRRIIDEEE!!!” She flails pointing her hand at one fine-looking vehicle. “That’s her. This is the best moment I have ever had in my entire life alone, alone asides to having a buzz light year dream in 06 and defeating that video game!” Naturally, it’s hard to get away from her speaking like a Politician or a lecturer at a convention when you are near her.

            Starscream signaled the other seekers to go at different sections of Velocitron, who zipped on their orders except for The Farmer who took in the scan of some speed racing vehicle. Mission: Eliminate the target before she eliminates everycon on Cybertron. The Farmer had his mind set on this mission to accomplish in any kind of factor that’ll help him in any means necessary: Blending into the vehicles that are racing. A Car accident is relatively common for human death as Ivy had claimed about not driving.

            The Farmer’s in the next racing group close to where Ivy’s at.

            “I’m not taking a car mode, you brat!” The Porcupine said, frowning upon Ivy’s suggestion.

            “Plleassee!” Ivy’s hands were together, while giving her best puppy dog face. “I promise to never,ever, ever, tell the Torturer about Pokemon or Digimon.”

            The Porcupine hates large organics. If the Torturer knew about this then he would be bugging the small Decepticon from days on end. Ivy knew all too well about this thing that is going on between the dispute between both mechs, who couldn’t stand each other. Most Decepticons would think they, The Torturer and Porcupine, get along when in reality they did not.

            “Fine.” He reluctedly is brought into the race.

            The Farmer’s theme color’s were totally different by tubes connected to his engine, sharp-extravagant blades sticking out from his back, a flat-somewhat highly lifted hood, and several parts that could have belonged to a high technological-advanced race-car were attached to him. The Farmer had one mission to do right now. That is to kill the girl. His headlights flashed on The racing porcupine. He had to hit the bumper.


            “Move it slow poke!” A Veloctronian shrieks at The Porcupine in spanish, who eventually speeded past him. “Lozerrr!”

            Ivy grabs her seat belt as The Porcupine speeded up.

            “Oh…em…geee!” She squeals, “THIS IS AWESOME!”

            The porcupine Decepticon chuckles, “Wait till you see this,” The Decepticon reeved up his engine letting out gigantic boosters similar to Transformers Animated Bumblebee counterpart. Instantly brownie points rose up for the Porcupine Decepticon who did something any reckless teenager would do. The Farmer increased his speed up for this important  task.

            Starscream and the others had to eliminate a vulnerable threat, the Spider-Mech, the killer of all mother loads, had come here to get some back up to overthrow Megatron and thereby offline him of his upcoming duties by taking the head out. And then the spark followed by the vertebral column. Similar to Arachnia from Transformers prime, but different as being a Mech.  

            “Woah this is a—amazziingg!” Ivy  declares , holding on her seat as she is pulled back further and further in it. The shine in her eyes belonged to a speed racer not a girl who’s been through turmoil and all the depressing aspects of life, her fingernails are really sharp. The Porcupine Decepticon has soft comfortable seats that anyone can fall asleep on. However, Ivy’s not tired.


            “Hey!” The Porcupine Decepticon yells, swirling to road side. “My paint job is ruined!”

            He is speeding out of control as a red van instead of a car.

            “Wrong road.” Ivy said, as he tore through the big gigantic metal wall.  “Poorccuuppiinne, I’m scared of drowning!”

            The Farmer watches the vehicle fall into the ocean

            “I can’t drive in the ocean—brrr it’s cold in here,” Porcupine comments, his entire vehicle mode shudders at once as if belonged to a critter instead of a gigantic robot made in completely metal and wiring not cells, fur, or organ systems. Most be could stunned about this  event including a scared teenager shaking  more as a leaf than an average human who’s skin could go white as a ghost, pale as a paper shred, and faint like a dummy.

            Ivy gets into the driver seat.

            “Boy, if you want to race and face your fear…” Ivy uses right foot on the grass looking over her shoulder. “Fear is another barrier…of life.” Her eyes faintly glow red subsiding into their hazel dark gray appearance. Her drowning fear somehow had gone away. She realized something of her own just in this quick-thinking time where life was on the line—Ivy’s fears have kept her back from doing bold things in reality as well preventing her from swimming from a nightmare she had about drowning---. It seemed as if somebody flipped a switch in her brain changing Ivy’s personality right on time.

            The Farmer drove away thinking he got the job done.


            “YEEEEHAAAA!” The porcupine yells, flying in the air above racing vehicles. “You are jelly and you know it!”

            The Farmer cursed to himself

                _                               _                         _

            After the race…

            “Spider mech is heading down the road!”

             A strange, theme designed Decepticon who looked half robot and half frankenstine. His armor is in spirals, some metal resembled human parts instead of robotic armor that is so hard not a human can hit it. His opticals retracted back into their sockets.  He bore a significant resemblance to Arachnia from Transformers Prime except for his gigantic legs being significantly wide enough that high pointed shoulder like arches slide upwards not doing a curl at all; his armor is beige and a dark silver theme followed by a pitch blackness.

            A ginormous arachnid is going down the road with something large in his two arms.

            “This will be easy,” The Spider mech concludes, his other optics caught sight of the winning red vehicle  zip down his lane. “So easy to wrap up as a tender scouting cybertronian Wrappy wrappy, little red riding hood!” The Spider mech takes the lid off the canister sending light blue webs all around Porcupine.

            Porcupine is stopped in his tracks.

            “My wheels!” Porcupine’s wheels stopped in their movement. Ivy is seen sleeping in the backseat curled up in a ball near to the center of the seat as if it is more comfortable than sleeping straight on all the seats the blue webs are thick, tacky almost like crude oil wrapped around the wheels it got them stuck.

            The Farmer slid behind the spider mech.“You are not going anywhere,” The Farmer held up a large flasked-large pistol behind the spider mech’s helmet. His optics is set dead on him. “I’ll make sure of it.”

            The Spider mech’s extra optic looked over his shoulder.

            “I know your type,” The Spider mech starts, striking The Farmer using his extra appendages far from himself. “A deceiving little-whiny-actor brought back from the dead as one dangerous kind of alien. Who wants to prove himself capable to being lethal.”  His freaky Numerous optics have wide wires conjoined to little screws, rounded disks, and bulbs that are small to see despite being abundant. He could be shorter than Megatron by some lengths.

            Farmer stopped himself short from hitting the wall by using his long claws into the ground.

             Farmer’s optics did not budge, almost too calm. “I have a mission,” He contains his fury better than anyone else in this suited situation. Farmer stood up. “That is to kill my assigned target,” He aims his weapon at porcupine’s passenger window. “But then again you just called me an actor .Which I’m not.” Farmer’s pistol is aimed at his much taller opponent. “Cowards always live.”

            Spider Mech flipped up the concrete then threw it at Farmer’s direction.

            Farmer shot his pistol that sent its large energy pulse straight at the concrete.

            Concrete splits in half an inch or two away from Farmer sending dozens of rock flying by his shoulder similar to a scene where a ninja has sliced a log in half with a sword. Rock is scattered around him being large and small as a pebble. His will to do something so defiant before a deadly predator probably what one could say to be one’s bravura to what humans fear: Spiders

            Spider now saw Farmer in a different perspective,  Ah a tangli-able Decepticon. What a nice surprise. “You sound like one perfect specimen to test my latest schematics on.” Spider said, hearing Porcupine transform into his robot mode. Spider’s large medieval designed shield made in metal not of rubble or cybertronian parts—he viewed it as gross, unnecessary for designing weapons—constructed this very large protection. Spider lets a full large spider web engulf itself all over Farmer making him tumble backwards from the excessive force. Farmer shrieks as it hardened onto his armor “Consider you taken.”

            Porcupine’s wheel’s ejected spikes shredded the spider webs into pieces.

            Ivy’s sticking on Porcupine’s shoulder.

            “Consider you failed!”

              Porcupine sends spikes right at Spider mech. Spider mech laughed, catching all the sharp spikes in all his servos.  He seems downright to be feared that you wouldn’t necessary would not want to be fighting against. Then Spider threw it right at Porcupine in a big-thorned ball similar to some wrecking ball given deadly assecories.-B-B-ANG Porcupine’s body tore through the wall somehow forcing Ivy off on the edge by using her hands to catch on something for her life. 

            “Well played, well played,” Farmer grunts, not easily impressed. “Now let me go!”

            Spider’s insect like arms pick up Farmer as if he is a burden. “Squirming will make it much painful.” He commented as loud metal-unbarable sounds are heard coming from Farmer’s armor. Ivy is clinging to the edge for dear life dangling her feet attempting to climb back up. Spider saw her fingers on the rocky edges that had similar mounted pretensions to the top but decided not to do anything about it then uses a little portal bridge to transport him from the very location.

            Ivy realized everything that transpired before her eyes was something uncanny.

         "Hey dumbaft!" Ivy shrieks,  "DID YOU EVEN IDIOTICALY REALIZE THAT.."


            Outer space…

            Above Velocitron

            True that Megatron grew a dislike towards spiders sometime after visiting a spider planet with the other Decepticons. He also may have grown a fear towards encountering one due to witnessing a spider offline a Decepticon just by venom bites. They can weaken him enough; they’ve watched nearly a handful of Scream and Saw movies. Truthfully, Ivy’s knowledge in what horror movies can teach the Decepticons lessons secretly terrified them knowing that she can do it to them even as a human.

            “Starscream  to Megatron, we’ve had a problem.” Starscream’s high pitch voice comes through his comnlink. Megatron’s connection is so good he can hear teeth jittering together. Its unusual Starscream would say things like this--for spider mutant cybertronians—in situations that are easily done than not.

            Megatron rolled his optics, being in his jet mode.

            “You just chased after Spider through the water.” Megatron guesses.

            Starscream sounds nervous, “Haahahaa….no,” Starscream starts. “The girl fell in the ocean. She won’t go in there again. And, um, we hit a snag weakening him. Apparently spider has taken…what is he called again?” A sharp-upset-voice makes Megatron’s audios go out of whack. “He’s taken Farmer. and there's good news."

            “Does  this mean you’ve taken the venom stinger out?” Megatron asks, again.

                        Megatron heard a yell: “Is he acting out of character?”

                  But what's the good news?

            “What do you expect?” Megatron heard Starscream’s reply towards the yeller.  “And Megatron you sound ridiculous. I’ve seen Along came a spider, and I’m ashamed to say get over it Megs!" Starscream is likely steaming fumes from his audios located to the side of his helmet. "You have a plasma cannon and a sword. That nearly outnumbers Spider mech by that!”

            “I will offline you." Megatron's threatening voice sent metallic chills down Starscream's vertebral colluum.

     "Good news is that we don't have an annoying problem on our back about--"    The other mechs laugher is heard from behind Starscream. "...Franchises."

            Megatron’s jet boosters activated then he darted towards Velocitron

            Our scene transitioned to Velocitron.

            “Freaker, Paranoid, and Mellow; keep the residents from discovering our little ‘mission’,” Starscream said, referring to the three very short Decepticons who do seem to have characteristics related to their names either being a freak, paranoid, and pretty mellow to get others startled.

            Torturer frowns.

            “Hey, you are forgetting about me!”

            Starscream rubs his cybertronian-hard mounted-layered temples. “You help the others and Spottey, you take the organic.” Starscream sounded annoyed. “Then we’ll follow Farmer’s energy signature.”

           “Do you even know what my name means?” Spottey asks Starscream, begrudgingly.

          Starscream’s optics screamed ‘Explain with your life’ in a threatening manner.     

       “I can see things that you wouldn’t see; the girl dubbed me Spotter because I can see Parasites as those kids from The Supernaturalists.” Spottey explains, with pride. “There’s one of them hanging on your shoulder taking the pain you are experiencing--The girl also told me that I reminded her of Cosmo Hill.”  Spottey referred to Ivy as ‘The girl’ rather than her first name. "Dear Primus some of those fanfictions on the internet take up a lot of time to read, some of them are...very interesting to read."

        Starscream has a disgusted expression.

       "You've been reading?"

    "Books Starscream, yes, I've been reading." Spottey replied, shaking his helmet. "You should try it out sometime. You may enjoy the bad romance ones, even the ones on the internet. Dear Primus Starscream, I heard you’re in a bad romance with Megatron in one--"

   Starscream chases after Spottey shooting at him using his lasers.

    "AH!" Spottey shrieks, "I was only telling you what I've read!"

   "ALL LIES!"

   A Decepticon is clapping like a seal unable to make any noise making the notion that this one is laughing really hard.

_                       _                     _

            Thirty minutes later...

            The Scene settles in a dark room. Farmer is attached to heavy dark gray latches restricting him from moving. Spiders that were tested on are seen all around Farmer as they are gigantic in size indicating what type of spiders they are. There are glowing buttons seen about the room. Discarded objects and machinery are seen being futuristic as the enterprise from Star Trek—just extremely massive for gigantic robots instead of human services—suited for advanced techniques. Giant lights hang from the ceiling shaped in a rounded pot-kitchen wear object.

            “You will learn so much and everything that will come your way,” Spider Mech types in a keyboard confirming what is set to happen for the computer. Wires snapped through Farmer’s helmet budging through into his robotic-layered processor connected to several systems and commands to his life. Farmer’s arms are larger than they had been before hinting he had undergone a slight mutation to be suitable for a painful procedure set to what may ruin Farmer’s lifecycle forever. “You’ll thank me later.”

            "I don't want to understand everything,” Farmer said, flummoxed by his attempts. “I want to figure things out for myself” His optics squeeze. “Please. Stop with the pain. I can’t bare it any longer!” His large servos shake. “I will never thank you!” True he is larger now but still short.

            “Keep silent idoit.”  Spider Mech pulls down a leveler.

            Tubes shot through Farmer’s helmet interjecting into his processor beside these wires.

            “Ahhh!” he shrieks, paralyzed in pain, Farmer’s arms couldn’t move. He couldn’t lift a servo. It finally dawns on him: Farmer is experiencing what any organic would feel if he was doing the same thing to them. “S…S-s-s-stop tinkering with my systems.” He can feel something going on in his body. Sparks erupted from the machinery changing his protocols. Everything in his grasp is slowly falling from Farmer’s control.

            Spider mech observed the changes going on Farmer’s body behind the console.

            “You…will become the most powerfulest weapon, for sure.” He snickers, seeing several energy signatures had made themselves known on the radar. Spider's gigantic legs propel him to the other side of the room where an unconscious small figure that has scratches all over is on a table.  “Quintession? When did they ask a Quintession to help?” He stood up, and then came to Farmer. “Tell me. Is this a real deal mutating organic?”

            Farmer didn’t want his opponent taken down: His mission, it’s his target.

            “In your dreams, tailpipe.”

           Spider struck Farmer’s abdomen using a sharp piece of glass tearing through metal-flesh “Now…tell me.” Spider’s insect accent came in, almost thick enough to confuse Farmer. “I can do it more fatally.”  Farmer has a difficult path road to choose. Ivy's small-fragile body that's still in its mutation phrase is in its development era.

             "If you want to offline her, then you better--ahack--ask Megatron." Farmer bluffs. "He's the only one responsible for her. The Fallen told me!" This has to work. "Not lying. I’ve seen that Megatron has rubbed off on her and she has rubbed off on him," Despite riddled in vain pain the short gigantic Decepticon is capable of speaking. He watches Spider's optics enlarge like an idea has been seeded into his processor.

        A wide smirk spread across Spider's faceplate.

        "Farmer, you are a genius."  Spider figured, turning away from Farmer as he rubbed both gigantic servos together. His smirk is big enough it can be clearly identified to be a evil expression of pure audacity. "Megatron's greatest weakness!"

            Farmer became pale; hoping regardless of his fib Megatron could easily take down Spider.

            Spider’s sinister-wide-moveable claws made brief movement as he stared at something so small not even the Farmer could see. But this small imagery is merely a memory to the mutant. The Mutant who did not like Decepticons one-bit, he looks over his shoulder “I am not done with you, yet,” Spider clicks a button on some machinery, “This is just the beginning phrases. It will take some cycles, though it will be painful as possible.”

            He laughs, leaving a distraught and horrified Farmer.

        Outside Spider’s hide out...

          Megatron had arrived to Velocitron. He tried to kill Starscream; however, the other Decepticons prevented him from doing so by claiming “We got enough fighting around here”. Which showed otherwise that it worked for them—this primarily directly meant Starscream and Megatron—due to the fact; they are not attacking one another using their own weapons.

            “If I were able to kill you—“ Megatron starts, but is interrupted by Starscream.

            “If you did,” Starscream makes a ‘tsk tsk tsk’ sound effect, waving his index digit. Tthen you wouldn’t be here and so wouldn’t Ivy,” Starscream points out. “We are in every continuity, and from what I know…I don’t die yet. If I die then you die, have you ever realized that?”

            Megatron realized Starscream has a valid point.

            If only he could offline Starscream it would be a miracle.

            “We get it.” A Decepticon groans. “Didn’t the girl say that if she died by us, she will become a ghost and then will tell the Autobots what we do in the next stellar cycles?”

            Megatron grumbles, reluctant to answer.       

            “Of course!” Starscream sarcastically answers for Megatron, “Ghosts exists, needless to say, in everywhere beyond our world as well. I have not seen one in my optic however it’s wise to take a warning by the words."

           A gigantic multi-changing Spider is towering above Starscream.

           "Get out of my way, you high pitched turtle." Spider threw Starscream away from himself. His optics landed on the other Decepticons who had gotten their battle weapons up. Megatron's large cannon is unsettling intimidating to small, cowardish Autobots or Decepticons who wanted to over throw him or stop his tyranny.

           Spider grins.

          "Long cycle no see." Spider shot at the  leader using rapid bullets  from his gun-firing spider legs that are actually tank shooters somehow adapted into insect appearance that have furry-sharp thorn spikes sticking from the side connected to a flat plate object hooked behind Spider's neck. It seems strange to be even looking at, perhaps bearing what humans may definde as a 'real life' indescively designed cybertronian who could not decide over spider or plain machinery model. Spider didn't have legs at all merely a tail without a fin-like end since the tail part is made by cybertronian parts making up flat sided areas. "I know your weakness. You wannabe."

        Megatron dodges the morbid attacks.

       Only two individuals in Megatron's life knew why he became associated with the Fallen.

     "No, you don't." Megatron sneers, shooting at Spider.

     Starscream's laser blasts ring off striking the gigantic rocky barriers giving structure to the highways, a dark blotch appears in place of the stricken area.  Spider's first set of appendages receive a small-dent not really significant to him; Spider's gigantic container is flipped into a hammer shot-gun combined weapon.   Spider spits a spider web at the Decepticons and shot his hammer-shotgun at their direction too. Mellow's curled keeshond tail shaped malice uncurled revealing a spiked energetic beaming sword --A challenge to make by human standards--makes the spider webs that could have locked him into a cocoon splatter. Freaker and Torturer rose up shields simultaneously it stopped the flaming-unusual blasted into smoke.

      Its right to admit, even an evil-alien villain needs to get over their fear of spiders.

      Megatron sliced one of Spider's legs in two.  

  "Fre-aha!" Spider shrieks, Spider's other leg smash Megatron into a hard-wall-barrier.

      Megatron slid down from the barrier.  His body leaves a notable imprint from top to bottom. It's really a big wall admit tingly. Paranoid is still standing shaking violently as he held a tree-shaped weapon which is actually a giant knife blade inserted into a big cybertronian warrior weaponed stick that has various versions of blades sticking out--capable of retracting  by long branch like material--just really waiting to be used.  Freaker and Torturer charge at Spider. Spider collides his hammer-shotgun headfirst against the duo whose bodies dragged across the road creating a crater path in the process.

       Starscream shoots at Spider's back, while flying above the ground.

       "Down goes the mosquito."  Spider remarks, his hammer-shotgun aims at Starscream. "Who truly annoys my audios."


       "Yowch!" Starscream falls on the floor as  the left side of his wings is exposed has damage strikingly similar to a shark bite instead the usual  unpatterned sticking out edges pointing downwards rather than straight. Oil is seen dripping from Starscream's disgusting wound. It didn't work well flying in air showing off a deeply exposed wing blade, so this means Starscream may not be using his flight mode for a while.

          Megatron stood up, holding his sword in a manner that said explicitly 'I've had enough of you' without him speaking.

          "We've had our fair share of retorts," Spider's damaged leg is regenerated as he cracks some knuckles. His many optics show sheer motivation in doing what may surprise Megatron next.  "But never before had I got leverage this big, creator." 

       Truthfully during the war on Cybertron there had had been some disagreements on how to get the allspark so Megatron proposed creating Spider--A living cybertronian-mutant capable of taken down anyone--without The Fallen's knowledge. That was before Megatron feared Spiders, which happens to be so long ago before Sam had been born and so had been his father and his grandfather.

           Megatron couldn't see what leverage Spider had in mind. Frankly, he couldn't believe Spider is this desperate to create a flat out imaginary lie so he wouldn't get offlined. Regardless about Spider being a supercybertronian; there is some way Spider can be stopped.  What a waste of his time. Megatron charges at him.I don’t understand what leverage he has, there is absolutely nothing in this lifecycle that he can get leverage fr—


            The power force sent Megatron’s body crashing into the ground.  Pain is coming from his entire chest areas if he had broken some cybertronian ribs. Metal had flown off Megatron’s chest now seemingly away from his feet. The other Decepticons attempt attacking Spider yet round up cacooned on the barrier walls—their shoulders and helmets are free though—due to some sticky substance.

            “Megatron,” Spider begins,  his weapon in tow.  “May I offline that annoying recruit of yours?”  His freaky mutant optics click and whirr at once. His gigantic status can easily scare a snow yet. “The one I have.”

            “Go ahead,” Megatron touches his injuries, standing upright. His energy cannon pops up from his left arm simultaneously. “I don’t need that much—“Spider cackles, spitting a strong spider web at the peak of the cannon. “And we need you to be offline, my mistake isn’t going to be in The Fallen’s way.”

            “Prepare to have your spark broken, my creator,” Spider said, watching Megatron become surprised at him saying, “You aren’t getting her back, alive, quite frankly.” Megatron immediately attempts attacking Spider though he is stopped by a powerful slam to the side by his sledgehammer lower area.

Spider clicks a button on his chest plating.

“Transport me back, computer,” Spider said, becoming apparently transparent.  What he didn’t expect is Porcupine unexpectedly leaping on to him mid-way through transporting. “Get off me, big over grown weasel!” Porcupine essentially is buying time for one unnoticed Decepticon to get Spider’s energy signature registered into the radar.

In a flicker, both are gone.

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