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Ariana never liked her stepbrother Justin.
But what happens when her mom and her stepdad are gone.
Will things change
Will they stay the same?


28. chapter 21

When me and Justin got home the first thing he did was push me against the wall. He placed his warm hands on my hips. I placed my left hand on the back of his neck and the right on his cheek. "Your hands are cold" he said. "I'm sorry" I said and took my right hand of his Cheek and I let my left hand hang form his shoulder. "Nah, it's cool" he said and grabbed my right hand and placing it on his cheek again.

We continue kissing until it got really heated. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waste. He walked over to the couch and placed me carefully. "I have a nice surprise for you upstairs and I know that I'm gonna be your first and I want to make this special" he said nervously. He held his hand out for me to grab and I happily did. We walk upstairs to his room and he opened the door.

I walked in the room and saw.

* I know cliffhanger. I'm so very sorry for not updating. I feel like a horrible person for slacking off. If you guys hate me and want me to stop writing this story I will. But if you don't then you have a very pleasant surprise coming up in the next chapter c; ~ stay fab ~ *

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