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Ariana never liked her stepbrother Justin.
But what happens when her mom and her stepdad are gone.
Will things change
Will they stay the same?


18. chapter 17

I was putting on my clothes when somebody opened the door.

"MOM!!" I yelled "oh.. I'm sorry I thought Justin was in here" she said "no get out" I said. She walked out and I finished changing.

I walked downstairs until I heard my mom talking "Jeremy I don't know what going on with Ariana and Justin... If you know something please tell me" my mom said. You could hear the crack in her voice. "There just getting to know each other they want us to be happy" he said "stop worrying if you keep worrying you might lose her" he continued "your right" my mom said. I went a few steps back and then I walked in to the kitchen. I saw them kissing. "Wow there get a room"I said. I heard chuckling from behind me. I turned around and saw Justin. He walked past me and grabbed a water bottle. "Ariana me and Jeremy are going out of town. Justin's in charger. No parties, no boys or girls, no alcohol. Got it?" She said and looked at me then back at Justin "yes mom" I said. Okay I'm gonna go pack I'll see you later" with that she left. I looked at Justin and smiled. He pulled out his phone. I saw him typing so I just left.

Is he mad at me or something?

I was walking out the kitchen and then stopped when I got a txt from Justin👫💕😍 it said

[ J: Justin] [ A: Ariana]

J: hey baby, when they leave get ready. I put some money under your pillow so you can go buy something. Make sure you dress casual. Love you baby girl😘

A: Justin I'm leaving the money on your table. I have my one money.

J: take the money baby. You can pay me later😏😉

A: fine 😏

I went upstairs and put on my shoes. I grabbed the money and my purse and went to my moms room. I knocked on her door. "Hey ari what happened?" She asked "oh nothing I was just gonna tell I'm gonna go out shopping" I turned around and I was gonna walk away until she asked something "with Justin?" I turned around and looked at her "no by myself" I snapped at her and walked out of the house.

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