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Ariana never liked her stepbrother Justin.
But what happens when her mom and her stepdad are gone.
Will things change
Will they stay the same?


16. chapter 15

We were sitting down eating dinner. Everything was quite. Everyone was quite too. There was silence in the air. For some reason it wasn't awkward. Until my mom spoke "what umm... What did y'all do at the beach" she spoke with a high pitch in her voice as if she knew what was going on with me and Justin. "Ummm nothing really we just played around and i brought one of my friends with me" I said just so she would leave it alone and would understand that between me and Justin there's nothing. Which was not one bit true. "Oh... That's nice" she said in relief and understand meant. "So Ariana how school?" Jeremy asked changing the topic. "It's going great. I have an interview at a college next week" I said looking at Justin concerned. "Wow thats nice. Congratulations" he said with amazement and surprise in his voice. I nodded my head as a thank you.

After dinner I helped my mom wash dishes. We didn't say anything. It was awkward. A little too awkward. After dishes I went up to my room. Exhausted, I jumped on my bed so my back was on my bed and I was looking at my purple ceiling. I noticed all of the Christmas light that I had put on there just so my room would look girly and pretty. And then the butterflies on there too just so it would make it seem like the butterflies where coming out of the lights.

My thoughts were interrupted by a thump on the floor. I put my elbow up on my bed and saw Justin on the floor. "Justin!!" I yelled/ whispered. "What?" He said with that sexy smirk that makes me want to punch him in the face. My mom came in the room. "What happen?" She said with a worried look because of Justin. "We where playing and Ariana dropped me off her bed" Justin said and paused "my elbow kinda hurts" my mom looked at me and then said "Ariana really? Your brother just took you to the beach and this is how you repay him?" She said "that doesn't mean I will all of a sudden like him" I said with sass in my voice. I looked at Justin and his smirk dropped. "Come on Justin" my mom said and picked Justin up. Ugh. I yelled inside my head and threw a pillow at the door.

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