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Ariana never liked her stepbrother Justin.
But what happens when her mom and her stepdad are gone.
Will things change
Will they stay the same?


13. chapter 12

I pulled away from the kiss and I walked to my shoes and put them on. I went to get my car keys and I went to over Nyah's. Before I left Justin was begging me not to go. But I'm tired of him playing with my heart.


I spent the night over at Nyah's. We talked and ate ice cream. I told her everything I felt. And how it was affecting me and the way I feel.

I went home this morning and found Justin sleeping in my bed with one of my shirts. He looked like a little kid who misses his mom because she's at work.

I went to my closet and i grabbed my yoga pants and my hoodie. I decided not I wear a shirt underneath so I just grabbed a bra and a underwear.

I walked to my moms room and I took a shower there. I walked out and saw Justin siting in front of the door. "Hey" he said "hey" I said back. He held his hand motioning me to help him up.

I grabbed his hand and tried helping him. We both feel. I was on op of him and we where both laughing. A little later I felt him grab the back of my head and push me closer to his lips. Butterflies. Sparks. Fireworks. That's what I felt. All that just mushed everywhere.

"Kids where back" we heard a voice say. I got off Justin and went to the door. "Hey mom, hey Jeremy" I said in awkward. "Why did y'all come out of our room together" my mom said "because we where playing hide and seek" Justin said "yup, it's not like we where kissing or anything" I said "okay, we'll I'm gonna go unpack I'll see you guys in a bit" my mom said and walked to he room with the suitcase.

Why is my fairytale over so soon?

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