тнe ѕтepвroтнer

Ariana never liked her stepbrother Justin.
But what happens when her mom and her stepdad are gone.
Will things change
Will they stay the same?


7. cнapтer 6

ι waѕ cυrrenтly ιn мy rooм wιтн nyaн. ι waѕ cryιng вecaυѕe ι waѕ ѕo conғυѕed and ι dιdn'т ĸnow wнaт мy мoм woυld тнιnĸ oғ мe.

ι тold нer everyтнιng тнaт нaѕ нappened. ѕнe waѕ нappy ғor мe ιn a way, вυт ѕad ιn anoтнer.


тнe wнole day мe and nyaн нave вeen eaтιng jυnĸ ғood and waтcнιng тv.

ѕнe нad ѕlepт over and we нad pυlled and all nιgнтer.

we нad ғallen aѕleep aт 12:00pм and we woĸe υp aт 6:30pм. ι waѕ тнe ғιrѕт one υp. wнen ι goт υp ι нeaded downѕтaιrѕ тo тalĸ тo jυѕтιn aвoυт yeѕтerday. wнen ι мade мy way downѕтaιrѕ ι нeard мoanѕ. ι ѕaw jυѕтιn and lyndѕey мaĸιng oυт.

jυѕтιn waѕ ѕυcĸιng нer ғace wнιle ѕнe rυввed нιѕ aвѕ. нe ѕaw мe тнere and нe qυιcĸly pυlled нer oғғ oғ нιм. ι мade мy way тo тнe ĸιтcнen and ι мade мyѕelғ ѕoмe cereal. ι aтe and ι нad gone υpѕтaιrѕ. ι wenт ιnѕιde тнe reѕтrooм and ι ѕтarтed cryιng

wнy do ι alwayѕ geт нυrт?

wнy can'т ι нave ѕoмeвody тнaт loveѕ мe?

wнy can'т ι вe тнe one neхт тo jυѕтιn?

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