тнe ѕтepвroтнer

Ariana never liked her stepbrother Justin.
But what happens when her mom and her stepdad are gone.
Will things change
Will they stay the same?


6. cнapтer 5

ι woĸe υp. on мy вed. jυѕтιn waѕn'т anywнere near.

ι goт υp and pυт on jυѕтιn'ѕ ѕнιrт. ι walĸed downѕтaιrѕ and ѕaw jυѕтιn ѕιттιng on тнe coυcн waтcнιng тv "good мornιng" ι ѕaιd and ѕмιled "good мornιng" нe ѕaιd ѕтιll payιng aттenтιon тo тнe тv.

ι waĸed all тнe way down and ι wenт тo тнe ĸιтcнen. ι prepared мy coғғee and тнen ι мade eggѕ wιтн вacon.

aғтer ι waѕ done eaтιng ι wenт υpѕтaιrѕ тo тaĸe a ѕнower. all тнeѕe тнoυgнтѕ ѕтarтed тo coмe ιn.

wнaт ιғ ι'м pregnanт?

wнaт ιғ мy мoмѕ ғιndѕ oυт тнaт ι loѕт мy vιrgιnιтy тo мy ѕтepвroтнer?

wнaт wιll ѕнe тнιnĸ oғ мe?

ι нadn'т realιzed тнaт ι ѕтarтed тo cry. ι wιped away мy тearѕ and ғιnιѕнed oғғ ѕнowerιng.

ι waĸed ιn мy rooм and ι pυт on a paιr oғ cнeeтaн prιnт leggιngѕ wιтн мy plaιn вlacĸ crop тop. wιтн ѕoмe вlacĸ and wнιтe converѕe.

ι вlow drιed мy long вrown нaιr. тнen ι called nyaн and тold нer тнaт ι waѕ gonna go pιcĸ нer υp.

ι graввed мy ĸeyѕ ғroм тнe ĸιтcнen coυnтer and мade мy way тo мy car. ι нear тнe ғronт door ѕlaм. ι ѕaw jυѕтιn coмe υp тo мe. нe cυpped мy cнeeĸѕ and roυgнly вυт paѕѕιonaтely ĸιѕѕ мe.

ι pυlled away and ι gave нιм a 'oн really' looĸ. ι goт ιn мy car and ι drove oғғ тo nyaн'ѕ

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