3000 Miles Away


2. 2


     From: Keaters :*



     To: Keaters :*

                      Sureee! Just give me a sec to turn on my laptop!!!


     From: Keaters :*

                       I'll be waiting O_O



          For the first time today, I actually smiled. I grabbed my laptop and sat on the couch, turning it on. Keaton started calling me and I accepted. His face appeared on the screen. "Hey!" He smiled. "Hi Keats!" I smiled back. "I miss you so so so so so much... Already!" He laughed. "But I miss you moreee!" "GIIIIIIIRL! Naw I miss you more!" I laughed. "SHUT UP! IT'S 4 AM PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP IN HERE!" Wes yelled. I started cracking up and so did Keaton. "How is it 4 am..? I'm not even tired!" I laughed. "WOW ME NEITHER! iT'S WEI-" He started yelling to annoy Wes. "KEATON I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KILL YOU! GO TO BED!" He had to block his mouth to keep himself from laughing too loud. "Okay, well I guess I have to go to bed." He rolled his eyes. "Okay." I replied sadly. "I'll call you though!" "When?" I asked. "Uhhhhm... Sometime tomorrow morning!" He told me. "Okay!" He waved. "Bye!" "Bye!"I ended the call.

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