What happens when Emma has been married for 3 years to Ryan but she is unhappy being with him?
She goes to a cafe one day and meets Justin, but at what lengths will they go to be with each other?


11. weekend away part1

The noise of my alarm made me wake up. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, when i realised i was going away for the weekend i jumped out the bed and ran into the bathroom and put of the hot water while i got a towel. I got in and let the warm water hit my body i washed my hair and rinsed all the soap out.

I got out the shower and put the towel around my body and walked out the room, i got into the wardrobe and got out what i was wearing and walked back into the bedroom.

Ryan had already gone to his mum's, so i wad in the house on my own i put my music on full blast and listened to anywhere for you by john martin i sang along while getting ready.

I got a text off Justin.

Justin: are you excited?!xx

Emma: of course are you?xx

Justin: yes :) xx

I started blow drying my hair straight as i was doing so i heard the front door shut i turned of my hair dryer and walked out the room i walked down the hall way i stood at the top of the stairs when i seen Justin coming up the stairs.

Emma:"Justin what are you doing here its only 8 you said you would be here for half 8"

Justin:"i got bored waiting for you so i decided to come down"

Emma:"oh okay"

I walked back into he bedroom and carried on doing my hair and makeup i grabbed my suitcase and my sunglass and walked out the room i got to the top of the stairs and Justin brought my suitcase down. I grabbed an apple and locked the house up and got into the car.

Justin:"off to the airport we go"

Emma:" lets go on a holiday"

We pulled out the drive and was on our way to the airport.


Sorry i haven't updated in a while i have had a lot going on. I will update tomorrow. I hope you like this chapter evan though nothing happened.

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