What happens when Emma has been married for 3 years to Ryan but she is unhappy being with him?
She goes to a cafe one day and meets Justin, but at what lengths will they go to be with each other?


9. that was close

This contains sexual references and swearing!!

Justin's pov

It was thursday and i was going away for the weekend and i was going to ask Emma to come with me i really hope she does. I am going to her house now she has text me and told me to come over.

I grabbed my keys and left the house i was on my way when i seen Ryan coming out of the drive so i pulled out side next doors house he drove past and i got out my car and knock on the door. He took his shoes off and took me upstairs into the spare room and laid me down on the bed not braking the kiss. We both got undressed and i looked at him in the eyes i wanted him so bad.

Justin:"you ready for me?"

Emma:"born ready;)"

He put his fingers in me and made out with me the same time. I got on top off his a gave him a blow job.

Justin:" are you going to ride me?" He said in a raspy sexy voice

Emma:" of course am going to rock your world"

I got on top and rode him until we switched position and me was on top we was going faster and harder when suddenly we heard the front door shut

Ryan:"sorry babe i forgot my phone." He said shouting up to me

Omg shit i said as i pushed Justin off me grabbing all my stuff and his.

Emma:"hide in the wardrobe i will come get you when he is gone"

I could hear his foot steps coming up the stairs. I turned the shower on and jumped in before he came in the room.

Ryan:"were are you?"

Emma:"spare bathroom getting a shower" i said

Ryan:"oh... Why are you in there?"

Emma:"i think our room one is blocked"

Ryan:"oh okay i will get that fixed" he said walking into the bathroom

Ryan:"would you like to go for a meal tonight?"

Emma:"yeah that sounds nice"

Ryan:"okay well dress nice"

Emma:"i always do" i said giggling he shook his head laughing looking at the floor.

Ryan:" well i have to go i will pick you up at 6:30pm?"


He walked out the room and i heard the front door shut and Justin coming out the wardrobe and into the bathroom.

Justin:"that was so close"

Emma:"i know i will just have to start coming to your house"

Justin:"yeah okay. Listen i wanted to know if you would like to go to Mexico this weekend with me?"

Emma:" omg yes! But what will i tell Ryan"

Justin:"say your going with Melissa or even work"

Emma:"okay! Awww thanks Justin am excited now"

Justin:"well am going to go. I will text you later" he said kissing me and then walking out the room and soon enough out of the house.


Sorry i haven't updated for a couple of days i was busy with school work and stuff.

I know its only short but i will update a long chapter tomorrow. Let me know what you think about the book and this chapter! Thanks x

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