What happens when Emma has been married for 3 years to Ryan but she is unhappy being with him?
She goes to a cafe one day and meets Justin, but at what lengths will they go to be with each other?


8. secret girlfriend

Next day - Justin's pov

Its 11:30am and i am going to surprise Emma at her house so i can ask her to be mine secret girlfriend. I went up stairs and looked to see what to wear, i pulled out basketball shorts with a white v-neck top and a snapback.

I wore my favourite high tops brushed my teeth, done my hair, got my phone and car keys an walked out the door.

I got in my frisker karma and pulled out the drive and was on my way.

Emma's pov

I was down stairs watching the telly when there was a knock on the door. I got up and walked to the door.

Emma:"Justin what are you doing here?!" I said to him looking behind me making sure Ryan was not there.

Justin:"am here to see you"

Emma:" Ryan is here"

Justin:"but its wednesday he should be in work"

Emma:" we have both took the day off work. Shouldn't you be in work?"

Justin:" i only work monday, tuesday and thursday"

Ryan:" who's at the door?" I heard Ryan say from up stairs his voice getting closer my hands started to shake i was frozen i couldn't move or talk.

Ryan opened the door and he looked up and down at Justin the down at me.

Ryan:"who are you?"

Justin:"oh hi am justin" he said putting his hand out for Ryan to shake.

Ryan:"am Ryan" he said curiously looking at Justin

Ryan:"i don't mean to be rude but what are you doing here?" He said putting his arm around my waist and pulling me closer i was still in shock.

Justin:"i have just been playing basketball at the park and i was on my way past in my car i seen that you are moving out so i thought i would come make a appointment to look at the house.

Ryan:"were not selling the house theres no sign that say that any where"

Justin:"oh... I must be seeing things sorry to bother you"

Ryan:" its okay. Bye now"

Justin got in the car and reversed and was soon out of sight when Ryan shut the door.

I wanted to text Justin and tell him now to do that anymore

Emma: what the fuck do you think you're doing?! We could of got caught when we have only just began xx

Justin: am sorry i thought he was at work! I need to ask you something that cant be done over text xx

Emma: am going the mall at 3 with my friend Melissa come meet us there and you can ask me xx

Justin:" do Melissa know about us?xx

Emma: yeah i had to tell her she is my best friend! Either meet me there or don't its up to you Xx

Justin: i'll be there xx

It was 12 so i decided to get ready for the mall with Melissa i went up stairs and put my hair in a pony i wore some nice dress that was not to dressy just a plain white dress, i put some flat shoes on and brushed my teeth and done my make up light.

*knock knock*

Melissa was here so i went down and kissed Ryan on the cheek good bye and left for the mall.

Melissa:" so how was the date with Justin?"

Emma:"it was really nice i had s good time"

We pulled up at the mall as it was only 5 minutes away from my house when i seen Justin standing against the wall outside looking at his phone.

Emma:" hey"

Justin:" hey beautiful"

Emma:" Justin this is my best friend Melissa"

I said introducing them

Melissa:" hi Justin"


I seen Melissa whisper something in Justin's ear and he slightly giggled but i just ignored it and went in to the mall.

Justin:" sorry i came to your house before"

Emma:"its okay he doesn't have clue still"

Justin:" listen i have something to ask you"

Emma:"what is it?" I said getting nervous

Justin:" will you be my secret girlfriend?"

Emma:" of course i will" i said giving him a hug and a kiss. I turned around to see Melissa on her phone.

Emma:" hey Melissa guess what"

Melissa:" sorry what i had a text"

Emma:" am Justin's secret girlfriend!"

Melissa:" omg wow "

She looked happy but then kind of went sad and i don't know why she is happy in her relationship with ste.

After an hour of shopping or so we decided it is time to go so we got in Melissa's car and Justin got in his and we went separate ways. This is one of the best days i have had so far the best is probably meeting Justin.


I will update another chapter tonight. Comment on what you think about the story so far! Thanks x

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