What happens when Emma has been married for 3 years to Ryan but she is unhappy being with him?
She goes to a cafe one day and meets Justin, but at what lengths will they go to be with each other?


4. our dirty secret

WARNING!!!!!! If you dont like sexual parts in a book i advise you to skip this chapter!!!!!!

Emma's pov

The film ended about an hour ago and me and Justin are talking and laughing with each other. I really want to be with Justin he is just so amazing we have more in common together than me and Ryan. But i know i cant because i am married. Sadly.

Justin's pov

I want to kiss Emma so bad she has these amazing lips that look so kissable and she makes me really hard but i cant have her! I might just kiss her and see what happens i mean what not exactly "close friends" so it wouldn't be that bad!

Emma's pov

I was in the middle of a story when i felt Justin's lips smash onto mine, i felt sparks fly in my belly in had goose bumps all over my body. I kissed back and he licked the bottom on my lip for entrance i accepted within seconds. It turned out into a heavy make out session on the couch and then i realised Ryan i shoved Justin off me.

Emma:" this is sorry am sorry Justin i shouldn't of kissed you"

Justin:" yeah me two i don't know what came over me i know you don't like me like that"

Emma:" of course i like you like that have you seen yourself lately i have been wanting you to kiss me since we met but am married"

Justin:" really? Well what Ryan doesn't know wont hurt him" he said pulling me closer to him not evan a magazine could be in the middle of us. He started leaving wet kisses on my neck and i moaned softly.

Justin:"so why not ay? Why don't we let this be a our dirty little secret?" He said sexually in between kisses.

Emma:"okay" i don't know what come over me he was making me so wet and all he had done was kiss my neck not evan Ryan could do that.

We carried on making out and he picked me up so my legs were around his waist he had hold of me by the ass and carried me up to his room not breaking this kiss.

He threw me on the bed and pulled my top over my head and threw it on the floor and he took his top of two. Damn he has such a hot body i felt his abs with my hands.

Justin:" like what you see so far?"

I nodded not knowing what to say

He pulled me jeans off me and i done the same to him i seen his bulge he left wet kisses trailing down my body as he got to my panties you bit them and slowly took them off.

Emma:" come on Justin fuck me already" i said not being able to handle him teasing me

Justin:"dont like getting teased do we?"

I shook my head no. I stuck his fingers in side of me and started pumping fast

Emma:" oh yeah Justin faster" and all of a sudden his tongue swirled around i arched my back

Emma:"Justin am going to cum Justin omg"

Justin:"cum baby"

I came and he licked it all. I got on top of him and pulled down his boxers and grabbed his dick and gave him a hand job going faster every time i swirled my tongue around the tip and soon gave him a blow job

Justin:" arrrrr faster baby faster"

I was going as fast as i could now

Justin:"am going to cum" he said while grunting

I kept going into i felt a warm liquid in my mouth. Got got me and we made out for a couple of minutes in till she stuck his dick inside of me and started off slow

Emma:" come on justin faster"

Justin:" moan my name louder"

Emma:"JUSTIN harder faster"

He started going fast and harder i have never been in so much pleasure before i clawed his back

Emma:"Justin am going to cum"

Justin:" hold on don't let go till i say" he said put of breathe i was moaning he was going faster i could control it

Justin:" okay cum"

I let it all go i had reached my climax and 2 seconds later so had Justin be both lay side my side out if breathe and sweaty.


Emma:"that was amazing"

Justin:"its sure was. We should do it more often"

He said turning his head towards me

Emma"our dirty secret" i said winking at him. I have to go now, i got dressed and went home when i got a text off Ryan

Ryan x:"hey babe don't wait for me am out with they guys be home later love you"

Emma:" okay. Have a good night, love you two"

I went upstairs got a quick shower because of the sweat and went to bed thinking about Justin.

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