What happens when Emma has been married for 3 years to Ryan but she is unhappy being with him?
She goes to a cafe one day and meets Justin, but at what lengths will they go to be with each other?


2. meeting him.

Emma's pov

I woke up to a loud buzzing alarm clock coming from Ryan's phone, after about 2 minutes he had turned it off he turned over and look at me

Ryan: "good morning beautiful" he said in is low morning voice while kissing the top of my head.

Emma: "good morning" i replied as i slowly got out of the bed and it to the bath room to get a shower.

After i got out the shower i walked into the wardrobe and pulled out dark blue skinny jeans with a white top and black blazer with black heels. I had to give Ryan a lift to work because he had broke his car. Once we was both ready we left the house got in the car and left to go to ryans work.

I turned on the radio and Jason derulo talk dirty to me was on so i turned the radio higher and sang along to the words.

Emma:" been around the world don't speak the language ha but you're booty don't need explaining" i was cut off my Ryan turning the radio off.

Emma:"what did you do that for? you know i love that song"

Ryan:"cant we just drive in silence?"

Emma:"okay then"

After about 6 minutes of awkward silence we had pulled up to Ryan's work .

Ryan:"don't wait up for me i wont be home till late tonight we have a big case that we are working on"

Emma:" okay. I will see you later"

He half smiled at me and got out of the car and disappeared as i watched him walk into the building. I was really hungry i had missed my breakfast so i decided to go to a small cafe.

I walked in and the little bell on the top of the door went off and a lady in her 50's flashed me a welcome smile and i sat down in one of the booths. I decided to get a coffee and a sausage and bacon sandwich.

The bell rang again and i looked up and she a amazing looking man around my age walk in, he had amazing hazel brown eyes that locked onto mine, he hive me a a big smile showing off his white pearly teeth. He had a v neck top on with jeans and high tops on. He looking gorgeous.

Justin's pov

As i walked in i notice a beautiful girl look at ms and flash me a amazing smile. I decided to go over and sit with her.

Justin:"hi, is this seat taken?" I said looking at her.

Emma:"no not at all" she said offering me the seat.

Justin:" am Justin by the way" i said putting my hand out for her to shake it.

Emma:" am emma" she said pulling her fragile hand into my.

Emma's pov

Me and Justin have been talking for about an hour now and we have a lot in common. He knows am married with Ryan and i have td him about myself and he has told me about him.

I really like Justin but i know i cant be with him. I knew that i had to leave because i was going to end up kissing him.

Emma:" listen Justin here's my number text me later i would really love being friends with you"

Justin:" yeah me two. I will see you soon."

He flashed me his amazing smile and i walked out of the cafe. I got into my car and i got a text i pulled out my iPhone 5s and i had a text saying "had a good time with you today -Justin xx" i text back "me two.xx" i saved his number under ashley incase Ryan searched my phone and hot jealous.

I started the car and it came on i turned the radio on and blasted Beyoncé drunk in love on, once i got home i plopped myself in the couch. I looked at the time and it was only 1:30pm so i decided to watch a few films with a bowl of popcorn.

3 hours later

I could stop thinking about Justin and i don't know why he just keeps coming in my mind no matter what i do. I was starting to think about him more and more his smile, face, smell, laugh and i could start to feel my eyes going heavy and soon i was asleep on the couch .

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