What happens when Emma has been married for 3 years to Ryan but she is unhappy being with him?
She goes to a cafe one day and meets Justin, but at what lengths will they go to be with each other?


7. date with Justin

Emma's pov

I got home and run up stair's and text Justin & Ryan.

Emma(to Ryan): i am going out tonight with Melissa she got back from paris today. See you later love you x

Emma:(to Justin): can't wait for are date tonight ;) xx

I put my phone on the bed and got in the shower.

Justin's pov

I was sitting at home watching the TV when i got a text off Emma saying she couldn't wait for tonight and to be honest neither could i.

I wanted to dress nice for Emma because i wanted her to be my girlfriend an i am going to ask her tonight! I know what you're thinking Emma's married she wont be your girlfriend, but if we are secretly having sex we maize well be a secret couple.

I went up stairs and got in the shower and washed my body i got out and looked what to wear for the date i wore a jumper with black jeans and high tops.

Emma's pov

One i got out the shower i decided to wear a black short jump suit with a white blazer and black heels. I blew dry my hair straight and put it in a high pony and put on the right amount of make up and went down stairs and got a drink of coke and sat on the couch while flicking through the channels.

Justin's pov

I done my hair so it was perfect i went to were my aftershave was and sprayed it all over my body, i grabbed my phone and went down stairs.

I decided to text emma.

Justin:" hey you ready?xx"

Emma:"yep are you?xx"

Justin:" yep. Do you want me to pick you up instead of meeting up?xx"

Emma:"okay xx"

Justin:"okay on my way xx"

I left my house and got into my Audi r8 and was on my way to Emma's.

Emma's pov

I was waiting for Justin to come pick me up when i heard a knock on the door.

I opened the door to see Justin looking so perfect, he looked at me and flashed me his heavenly smile.

Justin:"wow you look hot"

Emma:"thanks not so bad yourself" i said smiling at him

Justin:"shall we?" He said in a funny voice while he help out his hand

Emma:" we shall" i said grabbing hold of his hand and saying it in the same voice.

We got into his car and we drove off the path. Justin decided to blast the music and singing along to pretty brown eyes by cody Simpson. I giggled at him in the voice he was singing in and half way through the song we was both singing it and laughing. We arrived at the movies and we asked for our tickets we was going to watch ride along.

Justin bought us snacks and drinks and we went in the room and in hand.

Ryan's pov

I feel really bad on Emma because i really love her and stress with work and stuff am taking it out on her and it leads to us always arguing with each other. She is right i have been miserable and boring and starting tomorrow when she gets home from out with Melissa i will promise to be a better husband i really will she deserves so much and i give her so little.

Emma's pov

The film has just ended and we are driving in Justin's car on the way to a restaurant for something to eat.

Justin:" can i ask you something?"


Justin:"if you're in a unhappy marriage and your cheating on Ryan why are you still with him?"

Emma:" well he has hit a bad part in work and he takes it out on me so i know when this case is over it will get better. But now i have met you there's just something between us that me and Ryan have never had"


Just as our conversation finished we pulled up at the restaurant. Justin got out of the car and came around and opened the door me for me.

Emma:"see Ryan has never done that" i said kissing his soft cheek

We sat down and ordered our food i got a wrap with fries and Justin got steak with fries.

Ne and Justin have been talking in this restaurant now for about 2 hours and its half 11 we both decided that it was time to go so he got me a taxi home.

I got in a quietly took my heels off and my blazer and went up stairs i took my jump suit off and got into bed in just my knickers and bra on. I looked over at Ryan and he was passed out so i text Justin

Emma:"thanks for tonight it was really nice to go out for a change :p xx"

Justin:" anytime xx"

Emma:" goodnight Justin xx"

Justin:"goodnight xx"

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