What happens when Emma has been married for 3 years to Ryan but she is unhappy being with him?
She goes to a cafe one day and meets Justin, but at what lengths will they go to be with each other?


10. date night with Ryan

It was 3 o'clock and i needed to start getting ready for my night out with Ryan.

I got up and walked into my wardrobe as i have already had a shower when Ryan had come home. I picked out a nice blue dress that went just above my knee's, with a pair of blue heels.

I curled my hair and wore it down and applied some make up. I grabbed my purse and went down stairs.

It was now 6:30pm and i heard the car horn go off so i got up and walked out the house and into the car.

Emma:"hey baby"

Ryan:"hey. You look beautiful"

Emma:"thanks. No so had yourself. Were are we going?"

Ryan:"for something to eat"

Emma:"okay" i said looking out the window to see were about we was going.

Emma:" how was work?"

Ryan:"okay i guess"

Emma:"thats good"after about 5 minutes we pulled up outside my favourite restaurant the paramaric its was amazing there it was a huge building that slowly rotated around so you could see the city it was beautiful.

Ryan:"hi were booked under Ryan"

Waitress:"ah yes follow me" she said with a smile on her face grabbing two menu's. We sat down and ordered drinks.

Emma:"i will just have a coke please" i said flashing her a smile.

Ryan:" i will have the same please"

Waitress:"okay" she said walking away.

Ryan:" what are you getting to eat?"

Emma:"i might get the lobster how about you?"

Ryan:"am getting the stake"

Waitress:"here are your drinks. Are you ready to order?"

Ryan:" yes could i have the stake with chips please"

Emma:" and could i have the lobster please?"

Waitress:" of course thank you" see said taking the menu's out of our hands.

30 minutes later

Our food come and me and Ryan dug in. We had been laughing all night it was really nice.

Emma:"i am going away for the weekend with work i leave tomorrow at half 8 in the morning"

Ryan:"oh okay."

Once we had finished we headed home and i starting packing my things.

It was now half 10 so i went to bed because i had to be up at 7 to start getting dressed. I soon felt my eyes getting heaver and heaver soon enough i was in a deep sleep.

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