What happens when Emma has been married for 3 years to Ryan but she is unhappy being with him?
She goes to a cafe one day and meets Justin, but at what lengths will they go to be with each other?


6. dance studio

NEXT DAY - monday

Emma's pov

There was a loud bang from down stairs that had woke me up, i went down to see who and what it was. I seen Ryan fast asleep in the kitchen and bowls had been smashed on the floor.

Emma:"what the fuck?" I whispered to myself stepping over the smashed plates to get to Ryan i decided that i would smash another bowl and see if he would wake up. I grabbed the bowl out of the cub board and dropped the bowl on the floor and looked at Ryan.

He shot his head up not knowing what was going on, his eyes laid on me he snickered to himself and looked around the kitchen. I could tell by his reaction that he didn't know what had happened about 10 minutes ago.

Ryan:"what the hell happened?"

Emma:"i heard a crashing noise so i came down and you was just lying here with the mess so you must of slept walked"

Ryan:"how the fuck would you know?! We could have been robbed"

Emma:" give it a rest we still have all our stuff, why are you still angry over nothing?"

Ryan:"because you're a bitch"

Emma:"so why marry me then?"


Emma:"you was rich on you're own. Am getting dressed for work, i don't have time for you right now."

Ryan:"what time is it?!"

Emma:" 8:39am why?"

Ryan:"shit am late! I have to be at work for 9 i will never make it!"

Emma:"well theres nothing i cant do about it because am just a bitch"

He shot his head at me i seen those dark eyes so i knew he was pissed but it was his own fault. He ran upstairs the fastest i have ever seen him run.

Once i was up the stairs i could hear him shutting draws and shuffling about trying to get dressed to get to work evan though he knew he would be late.

I decided to text Justin to see if he would like to go yo a movie later on tonight.

Emma: hey Justin do you want to go and watch a movie later with me?xx

Justin: oh course i will meet you there at 7?xx

Emma: perfect see you there xx

Ryan:"who are you texting?"

Emma:"oh nobody just a women that works for me"

Ryan:" oh okay, am going to work now. See you later"

Emma:"okay bye"

I put my hair in a messy bun and put some light make up on and threw some dance cloths on. I went down stairs and got my car keys and got into my car and left to go to the dance studio.

On the way there i blasted the radio and sang along to Lea Michele on my way. I finally got to the studio parking lot and looked for a spot. The parking lot was full i couldn't park my car anywhere so i decided to park at the front of the building. I turned the radio off an got out the car and walked in.

Emma:" good morning abbey" i said to my receptionist.

Abbey:"good morning Emma. Here are some letters for you" she replied with a smile and the letter in her hand i gladly accepted them.

I walked away looking at the letter Abbey had just given me. As i walked into one of the smaller studio rooms i set my bag down and the letters with it. I plugged my phone in and blasted neon lights my Demi Lovato and let my body flow with the music.

The song had finished and i heard clapping from the door i looked over to see my best friend Melissa.

Emma:"omg! You're home!" I said while running over to her to give her a hug.

Melissa:" yeah!"

Emma:" how was you're trip to paris?"

Melissa:"oh it was amazing! I cant believe you never come with me though"

Emma:"well you know i had to work other wise i would of been there with you"

Melissa:"i know i know. So how have you been?"

Emma:" great thanks and yourself?"

Melissa:"never better."

Me and Melissa decided to go get a Starbucks, and catch up since we haven't seen each other in two weeks.

Melissa is my best friend, we have been since we was in high school together and we had to do a science project with each other.

After an hour and a half if talking it was 1:30pm she knew about me and Justin and she was shocked that i would cheat but she also knew that he made me happy which made her happy.

Emma:"well i have to go i need to go home and get dressed am going out with Justin at 7."

Melissa:"oooo were are you guys going?"

Emma:"oh no where i just asked him if he would like to go get a movie"

Melissa:"oh. Well have fun and be careful incase Ryan finds out"

Emma:"i know don't you worry"

Melissa:"do you want to go shopping tomorrow?"

Emma:"sure pick you up at 2?"

Melissa:"okay! See you tomorrow"


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