A Whole New World

*For The Fantasy Comp.* Chari wakes up somewhere she's never seen before. New sounds, noises, people and creatures stalk this strange land, but where is she?


4. A Whole New World - Reality

Chari stared at the white. White, white, white, harsh and blinding. However, the dark man was explaining.

"You were once named Heather Fast. Unfortunately, you, like many others, were too clever. You discovered some of the government's plans, so you had to be reset-"

"Wait, what? The government? Reset?" Chari exclaimed, confused and slightly scared.

"Oh, there's no need for you to know that now. Anyway, we just gave you a little injection and- poof! Everything you'd ever known was gone. You ended up in a fantasy world. Or at least, you thought you were in a fantasy world." The figure stretched out a long, thin finger and stroked over Chari's chin, making her flinch. 

"So...I'm called Heather...and I'm clever...and...and you took that away?! How dare you take away my memories?! HOW DARE YOU?" She shouted, leaping up from her seat and flailing her arms about, but to no avail; the guards just caught her again. Slumping back down, her brain started to work properly: "You said that I thought I was in a fantasy world. But if I'm not...well then, where on earth am I?"

"Ah, you're finally getting that intelligence back! Why, Heather Fast, you're where you've always been; you're on earth.

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