A Whole New World

*For The Fantasy Comp.* Chari wakes up somewhere she's never seen before. New sounds, noises, people and creatures stalk this strange land, but where is she?


2. A Whole New World - Exploration

Chari blinked. She blinked twice, then three times, rubbing her eyes and squinting for the white hot light in her eyes. Slowly, she felt herself adjust and stretched out her pale arms, watching the colours dance on her fair skin. The warmth cloaked her with a fuzzy feeling and as she cautiously rose from the ground, the surface beneath her bare feet tickled.

But where was she?

Just as Chari was about to explore, her eyes caught sight of a tiny creature. Glossy wings and a rounded beak, not  to mention the sheen on the top of its chestnut head, all combined to become a genuine beauty. However, Chari just marveled at the way it could literally rise from the green, slightly-spiky ground. It would lift off, floating gently upwards, then spreading out and soaring away into the blue mass above her head. How was it possible to do something so extraordinary in that casual a manner?

Sighing as it disappeared, she picked up her feet and, swaying a little to start with, began to walk. Wherever she was seemed to be a large expanse of green land, splaying out beyond the horizon. At the edges of her peripheral vision, she could pick out bulky, black-and-white-splotchy shapes. Turning to her right, Chari saw the full animal; it was tall and muscular, with strange splashes of blue or red on its side. It had small horns and tough skin, as well as those splotches of  black and creamy white. 

Shrugging, she stalked away from it, desperate to find more out about her location. How had she gotten herself here? Why was she so confused? But more importantly, where in the universe was she?

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