A Whole New World

*For The Fantasy Comp.* Chari wakes up somewhere she's never seen before. New sounds, noises, people and creatures stalk this strange land, but where is she?


3. A Whole New World - Discovery

It had been a long time since the blotchy creature and Chari still hadn't seen anything to help her. No-one that could speak to her, tell her where this crazy and was. The only thing was, she couldn't picture her home. Nothing came to mind; had she even lived before this? Was she a newborn? Was she...dead? 

She. Just. Couldn't. Remember. 


One day later....

Chari yelped in delight; she could see someone, a person, a real, live person. The walking was over, after so long and so much hunger. Her journey had taken her everywhere, or so it seemed. Now, she could find out where she was, who she was, why she was what she was. This strange time could finally be over.

"Hello! Where am I? Who am I? What am I doing here?" But the figure turned around, eyes black, cape flying and waved one hand. 

Two giant, bulky men appeared, stomping down the path to Chari. She waved at them, but an odd feeling came over her as they raised their arms. Suddenly, they leapt forward, dashing towards her and then wrapped their arms over hers, dragging her to the shadowy figure.

"Good morning, Chari. You need to come with us. Now." Chari laughed; that sounded fun! But the men were hurting her arms and she still had that sickly sensation in her stomach...


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