A Whole New World

*For The Fantasy Comp.* Chari wakes up somewhere she's never seen before. New sounds, noises, people and creatures stalk this strange land, but where is she?


5. A Whole New World - Destiny

"I...I...no...I..." She trailed off, shaking her head and wriggling in her seat, "why am I here?" The man rolled his eyes, the light glinting in his midnight pupils. 

"Honestly, Heather, honestly! Why do you think you're here? So I could explain to you the secrets we've kept hidden for years then let you go free?" Chari slumped down: "No."

"No indeed. You may not know it, but you escaped us. You were let out by someone and left to remember the world. So, you see, we brought you back again."

"But...why bother? I wouldn't know the secrets anymore?" The man laughed.

"Because, we don't take risks. That's why we need you to take a little injection, just to ease the pain." Chari sat up.

"The pain of what?" The man tutted.

"The pain of dying." And as the needle moved closer, Chari suddenly saw the sneering woman again.

It won't hurt a bit...

"Goodbye, Chari. See you...hmm, never?"

And the purple mist clouded her vision just before she dropped to the ground. Dead.

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