A Whole New World

*For The Fantasy Comp.* Chari wakes up somewhere she's never seen before. New sounds, noises, people and creatures stalk this strange land, but where is she?


1. A Whole New World - Prologue


"It's just a short prick, dearie," The woman smiled in a sickly fashion, "it won't hurt a bit..."

Chari screamed as the gargantuan syringe approached the bare skin on her neck. This was the injection that would make her forget; forget who she was, where she was and why she was there. Because Chari was a criminal and this was her only chance to set herself free.

But she didn't want to forget. 

Chari knew that the guilt of her crimes would keep her strong, help her to learn, help her to get past lesser obstacles. If there was nothing to drive her...she would waste away. 

"You can't! No, no, please no! Let me out! You can't touch me! LET ME GO!" She writhed and squirmed in the gleaming silver chair as the spike hovered above its supposed entry point. 

"Oh, shut up, will you?" The woman snarled as she jammed the thin metal end into Chari's neck. With a final, empty wail, her eyes fluttered shut and her breathing fell into a steady rhythm. Chari Ithric was officially gone. Who now lay on the chair was an identical girl; the same sharp features, the same jagged-cut black hair, even the same mind. 

All that was different was this girl's memories: she had none left.

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