The girl with purple eyes

Violet Hanes and rose Dixon are two best friends who have been dreaming of moving to England when they finally do they bump into Niall Horan and the other boys at the store looking for cookies. Niall instantly really likes her but so does Harry. Will the goofy couple make it? Or will Harry plan to take this girl away from Niall too?


7. truth or dare

*harrys pov*

"I'm bored let's play a game"

"Truth or dare anyone" Louis recommended. Of course.

"Sure" rose agreed

"I'll get the bottle" violet said while getting the bottle and she came back with crisps the bottle and cookies and put it in the middle of our man made circle

We spun it and it landed on Louis

"Poor poor Boo bear pay back time" violet said smiling he looked terrified I just had to laugh

"Louis I dare you to strip and run outside"

"What!!!?!?!??? It's freezing and there is paps" he yelled freaking out

"Sorry mate but a dare is a dare" Liam said

"See he gets the game" violet said pointing at Liam smiling I nearly melted into a glob of Harry styles

Her smile was beautiful and I've never seen one so well perfect screw the smile everything about her was perfect and beautiful her personality her eyes hair smile the list goes on and on

"Harry mate you okay your staring" zayn said nudging me

"Oh um yeah yeah I was just zoning out" he just shrugged and started laughing Louis was back in the apt in only his boxers shivering

"I hate you guys right now but I love you still HAZZA"

"Aww Lou Lou I love you too" I said while making kissy faces at him and that made everyone laugh

Rosie winked "Louis you got a nice set of packs there"

"Oh you like what you see" he said with the biggest grin. Oh Louis.

"No I meant the packs of pudding right behind you pass me one yeah" she said laughing. We all burst out laughing

"Sure you did love" I said winking at her

"I did " she smirked and raised one eyebrow

"Okay let's play on" Niall said

"Yeah" everyone agreed

"Okay vi vi it's your turn to be dared by me mwahaha" Louis said while rubbing his hands together and making a evil face

"Bring it on tomlinson" violet said copying him

"I have to go wee wee" Niall said and left

"Okay then Truth or dare" Louis said ignoring nialls comment

"I pick or" we all laughed" but seriously tho I pick dare"

"I dare you to open the bathroom door and stare at Niall while he's wazzing and when he notices say he's pretty big for being a Irish lad and kiss him and walk out without another word"

"Erg I can't believe I got myself into this" she said while face palming herself

*violets pov*

I walked into the bathroom as Niall was singing live while were young

I was listening to his beautiful voice and I totally forgot I was in the bathroom staring at him till he yelled

"What are you doing in here"

Erg embarrassing

"Your big Niall I mean for a Irish lad"

"and what's that supposed to.." I kissed him and walked out

Everyone was laughing historically

"I hate you right now Lou"

"Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful" Louis started singing I just rolled my eyes and sat down Niall came out blushing

Aww that was adorable man I love this little Irish man

We played for another 20 mins then we all had decided to play night time in heaven (it's where you have to spend the rest of the night with the person you get partnered with)

We each put our names nialls snap back and drew names

"Nialler and Hazza bear, Li Li and vi vi, carrot king and zayn, roe you get the room all to yourself

"Yes beat that suckers" she said sticking her tongue out at us

"Woah woah woah I get it you get a room to yourself but I don't need to be called a lollipop now" I laughed

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